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People travel all over the world, connecting with foreign populations, starting their businesses, or simply enjoying themselves. But sometimes, for the purpose of immigration, travel, or trial testimony, they are forced to provide or sign legal documents in languages they haven’t mastered. An option known as affidavit translation services is the best solution in such circumstances, and TheWordPoint is among the most known and credible agencies.

We offer certified translation, which is exactly what you’re going to need if you deal with international authorities. Our experts could localize, interpret, as well as verify any kind of document, ridding you of problems and helping you find a common ground with foreign authorities.

Why You Should Translate Affidavit at Our Service

For providing top legal translations service, we keep our customers’ satisfaction our priority. There are four main points that help us achieve this goal. Take a look at them to form a better idea of what we offer.

  • Hiring Professionals. Firstly, we recruit only those individuals whose experience is flawless. They must complete their education in one of credible universities and have at least a medium-sized employment history. Those whose CVs meet these requirements are invited to pass several tests. Only those who show excellence in their knowledge of languages and mastery in localizing texts are hired, with their performance being observed by our managers for a while.
  • Affordable prices. A certified translation of affidavit provided by our industry experts is cheaper than that offered by other companies: it starts only with $0.14 for a word. In most cases, affidavits are concise, so our clients’ don’t have to pay much.
  • Human experts. We monitor our employees to make sure they do not rely much on machines or tools. No exceptions are possible, so your content won’t have awkward constructions or unnaturally sounding phrases.
  • Refunds. Clients’ satisfaction is our priority so we do everything possible to please each customer. Are you not satisfied with final results? Let’s revise it. Otherwise, we’ll return the money you’ve paid. Our policies protect you from disappointment.
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Instances When Certified Affidavit Translation Is Needed

An affidavit is a verified statement written under oath. You could be a witness to a crime or someone capable of supporting an alibi of another person. You could also be planning on traveling, having to verify your income statement. Decisions like immigration require you to provide personal data, including place of birth, full name, place of residence, etc. You’ll need an affidavit for it, along with its localized, certified, and notarized copy. If you find this matter concerning, relax: our service will provide everything required. Our services ensure USCIS certified translation as well as engage in adaptation of legal paperwork.

How Do We Work with Affidavits?

Some of our clients often wonder what the process of affidavits certified translation entails. It is rather complex and has many stages, but we’ve outlined it as much as we could for you to have a clear idea of what’s involved. To help understand, we also included steps that precede and follow the process.

  • First, you should find an attorney who will learn the details of your request and who’ll help you draft an affidavit in your native language. Be sure to be truthful and precise when composing it.
  • The affidavit is then submitted to a professional legal service like ours for translation into a target language.
  • As soon as the job is done, our linguists send it to you. Communication is key here, so in case you decide to make some changes, please let us know so we could incorporate them ASAP. Both documents, the original and its translation, must be identical. Our language expert bears the responsibility for ensuring that your claims are conveyed fully and accurately, so warn us about any changes in advance.
  • Finally, the affiant (you) signs the document. Our expert certifies it by verifying its accuracy, and then it’s notarized. That’s it, it is ready for submission.

Qualifications of Our Linguists

If you’re worried about qualifications that our employees possess, doubting their ability to provide perfect certified affidavit, we are ready to share some details that will scatter your concerns. Working with legal files is an extremely responsible task, so we assign it only to certified specialists. They have passed the testing of such internationally credible organizations as ATA, UK Institute of Translation & Interpreting, National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators, etc. It means that their professionalism has been recognized on an official legal level, which gives you a guarantee of high quality.

Data Confidentiality and Security Concerns

When it comes to translation of affidavit, security is a worry of lots of customers. They are hesitant about sharing their data, fearing it could get in the wrong hands. Our service promises to eliminate everything that could endanger your safety. We obey the laws, maintain absolute privacy, and protect our system from being abused or broken into. No unauthorized party would ever find a way to access your files, so you can trust our company to keep them safe.

Make Your Order and Forget About Legal Problems

When you are out in a position to communicate with foreigners, make it as easy for you as possible. Our affidavit as well as apostille translation services are completely trustworthy: we have strong reputation, years of solid experience, affordable prices, and certified experts who operate more than 50 languages. Browse our website for even more details, decide on a client package that fits your needs best, and inform us about what you want. We’ll deliver outstanding outcomes, saving your time and money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide 24/7 support?

Yes, our operators are always online to help solve any issues or find answers to worrying questions. Drop us an email or initiate a chat, and someone will respond right away.

  • How much does affidavit translation cost?

It depends on several aspects, such as the chosen language pair, deadline urgency, or task type. Most of our services cost $0.14 for one word of translation. Note that the price could be lower — for instance, with more generic orders.

  • How long does a translation take?

Once again, this answer depends on a variety of factors. If you have large project, we might need several weeks to finish it. With shorter documents, a few days would suffice. Note that our service provides urgent assistance too, so if you need it, just tell us.

  • Into what languages do you translate affidavit documents?

Our service has specialists in about 50 languages who are local experts and native speakers. Learn more by checking our site: we provide a list where every language we cover is listed or contact our support team.

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