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Not many people need professional Croatian translation services, but that still leaves us with millions of potentially interested parties. That’s the beauty and the problem of this language: those who appreciate fascinating Croatia or do business with it often need help with communicating with its people. In turn, Croatians might want to extend their reach and access international markets, building new connections by the day. But finding reliable online companies that could offer accurate translations is difficult. TheWordPoint is an agency that provides excellent quality in 50+ languages, and we never overcharge. We could assist you in a variety of ways.

Experts with International Certifications

We hire translators whose experience is officially recognized by relevant authorities

Only Human Translations

We do not offer machine translations: strictly human experts work on your tasks

Types of Translation Croatian to English We Provide

Our clients frequently wonder what kind of work we do. They come from different countries and have different requirements, and to please them, we cover all common types of translations. There are six specific types, and the first one is localization. If you need a mobile app translation service for your project, video game adaptation, or translations of a complex text that has many cultural-heavy references, localization is what will suit you best. It is a meticulous and unique kind of language work that not simply translates words into their foreign analogs, but which takes the culture and beliefs of a target audience into account. Transcription comes next. We translate content in both video and audio format — our high-tech equipment helps ensure top results. Voice over is another option our translators provide. We have the best male and female speakers who will enhance your video by breathing Croatian or English life into it.

Certified work is one of the most popular Croatian translating services people order. This happens when they need to run their documents by authorities like the government or international courts. For instance, marriage certificate translation should be certified because it is an official document, proof of your marital status, and your last name. The same goes for medical records or college performance. At last, we support proofreading in all forms. We could edit your text heavily or remove superficial mistakes — it is your choice entirely. If you don’t see a service you need in the options we’ve just listed, no worries. Contact us and we’ll discuss everything. We always try to help our customers, so chances are, we would figure something out.

Croatian Translations From Language Experts for Every Major Industry

Our Croatian translation company does its best to hire translators with diverse experience and areas of specialization. This enables us to provide help in a number of industries, no matter how big or small. Here is a couple that customers choose in most cases.

  • Legal. This is a vast and complex sphere that often requires certification. With us, it’s not a problem, and our experts could offer you court, police, notary, and patent translation services in addition to other kinds of legal divisions. Just select this sector when placing your order.
  • Medical. If your interest lies in healthcare, translators working for us could give you general or certified translation services Croatian, depending on the nature of your task. They work with medical records and patient files, research, and recipes adaptation. Accuracy is vital here because your health might depend on it, and that’s why we assign only the best experts with a proven medical background to such tasks.
  • Technical. Some people deal with technical manuals, equipment documents, guides for employees at different factories, and other similar things. Terms play a big part in such translations, and we adapt them carefully. Once again, this is done by people who have relevant experience in a similar sphere — this ensures 100% quality.
  • Business. At this point, almost everyone is a businessman in one way or another. Some operate on a large scale, opening physical organizations; others pick something smaller and work online. Croatian translators at this agency would be happy to assist you with adapting your business plan, translating documents or reports. They could transform your website as well, making it a lucrative place for potential clients abroad.  
  • Financial. This sphere is relevant in every sphere of life because almost everything is connected to money. If you have a financial report, an accounting document, or some files you’d like to adapt for your international audience, our Croatian language translation services will come in handy.  
  • Advertising. The biggest amount of money is in advertising, and that’s why so many businesses are involved in it. A sphere like this is tricky because translators need to consider a lot of nuances, from wordplay to industry terms. Whether customers want to translate an ad or analyze foreign market competition, we’ll supply them with the best creative translator from English to Croatian, as well as localizers.

Note that these are not the only spheres we support. Do you want something else, something we haven’t talked about here? No problem! You’ll be surprised at the list of industries we cover. Inform us and we will start searching for the best Croatian translator for you.

We Guarantee Confidentiality

At no point will your data be shared. We protect client anonymity.

Work with Any Format

Give us a format and we’ll make it work immediately.

Benefits Uniquely for Clients Who Use Our Croatian Language Services

Now, let us tell you why choosing our translations and localization service is a great choice. People who use our service become eligible for a big number of advantages. Altogether, they make our company what it is: a solid language assistant with years of professional experience. This is what you could always count on:

  • Quality customer support center. Our Croatian document translation service comes with a dedicated team of customer support representatives. Contact them any time and find answers to each and every question.
  • Only native speakers as translators. Each translator is a native speaker of your ordered language. Many of them carry official recognition that makes them qualified to offer certificate Croatian translation services.
  • Useful translation tools. We supply our translators with a special memory glossary, smart dictionaries, and other useful tools.
  • Quick translations delivery. Clients who hire us dictate what deadlines we should follow. The Croatian translator we pick for you will deliver the project by the time you require.
  • Affordable prices for all services. For translations into Croatian, clients pay starting with only $0.10 for one word.
Types of translation services we provide

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Place Your Trust in Experts and Boost Your Business

Do you need professional Croatian to English translation by the time you specify? With TheWordPoint, the world is literally at your fingertips. Get in contact with our managers, explain your request, and discuss the details with them. Before you know it, you’ll have accurate and flawless translations to use as you see fit.


How much do Croatian translations cost?

We ask for $0.10 per word for general English to Croatian translation service. This price might increase a bit if you need specific industry or a hotter deadline.

What formats do you support?

We work with numerous formats for both text and video or audio files. The only thing we require is for the document to be editable: we’ll need to download text for doing Croatian language translation. The same goes for audio/video content.

How fast could you finish my Croatian document translations?

We adapt to clients’ wishes. Normally, we prefer longer deadlines because it is better to let translators work at their own pace, but if your project is urgent, we could do it too. Discuss the terms with our team.

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Croatian Translation

I ordered a Croatian translation from you on January fourth. It arrived two weeks later and I’m really impressed. It’s everything I wanted and more. I didn’t choose localization, but you still localized a couple of things. I didn’t expect it. Thanks.

Croatian translation

This service has been with me for the last four years. I often order translations into Croatian and Italian and I’ve never felt disappointed. Everything is always on time and has excellent quality.

Croatian Translation

I’m French myself, but I need English to Croatian translate services because that’s my boss’s task. That’s my first task from her, I chose this agency and I prayed it won’t let me down. I don’t read Croatian, but my boss is happy and that’s all I need.

Croatian Translation

This was my fourth time placing an order with this provider for Croatian localization. What can I say, good quality, normal prices, and lovely team. I’m finally leaving feedback because my last project was done on an even better level than my other ones.

Croatian Translation

Power is with you guys! I still don’t know the names of my Croatian translators but every time they do such a good job that I feel elated. My traffic has been running hot after your translations, you’re my good luck charm.

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Read More Reviews Get a Free Quote
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