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People need a Swedish translation service for various reasons. Such service provides translation of all kinds, including special industries and certified documents by linguists with wide experience. Sweden is famous for its car industry, so car-related documents may include marketing data, software, technical documents.

For travelers or immigrants, legal documents, medical records are a must-have. To add, people who do business in Sweden benefit from financial translation of their key documents. Our Swedish translation company has experienced native-speaking linguists who are experts in many fields.

Why Choose Our Swedish Translator Service

We are a company that exists in the market for a long time. We translate in more than 50 languages and employ only native speakers who perform human translation. A dedicated team can help you localize your documents. Localization adjusts texts to your target audience and makes it more appealing. This is necessary when you translate a marketing document, a website, or a game. Also, we can help with transcription of audio materials, meeting records, lectures, etc. A game or a video will require voice-over, and our Swedish language translations include such services.

If you travel or plan to immigrate, you will need certified documents like passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc. We are proud of our certified services that are accurate and fast. For all your documents, we provide proofreading services ensuring that all is correct. We employ only dedicated specialists with experience in many fields.

Swedish Translation Services for Every Industry

What is right for one industry, isn’t right for another. Marketing has different approaches than medical sphere. In marketing, you can substitute names, phrases, and be creative. Still, when it comes to healthcare, every word should have exact, sometimes word-for-word translation as well as profound knowledge of terms. To meet all needs, we employ native linguists of Swedish who specialize in certain subjects and know lots about them. We think that only an expert will translate well because general translation will miss lots of original meaning when it comes to technical, legal, or financial industry

Legal Documents

Legal sphere is never easy because such documents have many terms, special formulations, peculiarities. Legal writing is sometimes like another language even for natives. So, only professionals get to provide certified language translation services in our company. Specialists know different standards that exist in Sweden. They can detangle all legal documents, deliver correctly built contracts, patents, partnership agreements, trusts, wills. 


Healthcare industry deals with life and health, so we are glad to provide services that help people. At our Swedish to English translation service, we often work with documents for doctors like patient records, medical publications, prescriptions. Travelers or immigrants often need certified medical translation services for documents like medical records. These documents need the highest level of accuracy and knowledge of industry. That is why we connect such orders to native-speaking Swedish specialists in the field. They provide error-free works that people use to care about their health. 


Translation in sectors like automotive, energy, technology is high-demanded in Sweden. This country thrives on technology, so many people turn to us for assistance. We always deliver the highest quality translation services for technical documents, which we carefully proofread and localize. Such papers relate to software, applications, user manuals, installation manuals, presentations, etc. Many IT or cars companies deal with Swedish manufacturers, so having all vital documents is important. 

Financial Documents

Every professional in the financial industry knows that precision and accuracy are the most important. When it comes to documents, you should check every detail. No one wants to get financial reports or accounting documents filled with mistakes that distort original meaning. That is why many people order financial translation online from our company. We strive to provide documents that comply with all Swedish financial industry standards. So, people always get accurate, edited, proofread Swedish documents like balance sheets, cash flow statements, income statements.

Why Our Translators Are the Best

When we hire a new specialist for our firm, we always make sure that they have necessary experience in their field of expertise. Also, we always hire native speakers because they are the best when it comes to translating Swedish documents. Such specialists make the text sounds good for natives. Hiring linguists who know language and love working with it is our main rule because such people do their job well.

Unlike many companies, we don’t hand out roughly done machine translation that has mistakes or inconsistencies. All our experts are humans, so their translation has no flaws that machines may have. It’s especially important for legal, financial, or medical texts because they always need human proofreading. In our company, skilled linguists will check the text, compare it with the original one to make sure everything is clear and polished.

Our Benefits

We are professionals in the field who are always up to the highest standards of quality. Here are benefits that won us many loyal clients.

  • Human translation. We think that machine texts are inappropriate and harm our customers. Our Swedish translators are real people who carefully edit, proofread texts, check if they are accurate. For example, localization demands re-creation of texts in Swedish that may afterward have different set phrases or idioms. Machine cannot handle such a task.

  • Accuracy. We love it when everything is perfect. That is why we proofread texts and ensure they are accurate. For all kinds of documents, we compare texts to the source to spot any mistakes. So, the final result is always correct and to the point.

  • Glossary memory tools. They are special computer bases that have valuable information about the keyword combinations, which help to translate to Swedish. They contain frequent terms and phrases that native speakers use. Such tools ensure that the terms have correct translation. It’s especially important for industries that have specific language that only professionals use.

  • Quick delivery. We can deliver your papers as quickly as you want. If you order an urgent translation, several specialists work on your text to meet deadlines. They work fast yet always deliver accurate texts without lexical or grammatical mistakes. 

  • Affordable prices. Our prices are below the market average. An average company charges higher than we do, so price is a huge benefit of our service. Our competitive prices are one of the reasons customers come back to us.

Interesting Facts about Sweden

Sweden is the fifth biggest Nordic country in Europe when it comes to area. This is a developed country with rich culture and beautiful nature. ⅔ of this country are forests, so Sweden has many opportunities for tourists. It has developed economics and one of the highest VAT in the world. Swedish is a rich northern language that has many interesting things about it. Here are some:

  • Sweden has more than 200 regional dialects, five of which are variations of Swedish. There is an indigenous Sámi language and many recognized immigrant languages, including Finnish, Yiddish, Romani, and Meänkieli.

  • Many words came from English to Swedish and vice versa. The words ombudsman, moped, and orienteering all came to English from Swedish.

  • Swedish is the closest relative of Baltic languages, Norwegian, and Danish. These countries have a common history and their languages are similar in many ways. They say that if you know Swedish, you automatically know other Baltic languages.

  • In Sweden, people call their country Sverige. This name consists of two words: svear - we, and rike - kingdom. So, Sweden means “our kingdom.”

  • Swedish language doesn’t have the word “please.” Still, they have a respectful tone of voice, which means that your way of speaking is polite.

Accurate Swedish Translation Services for Your Business and Individual Needs

Sweden is one of the most developed countries. That is why it does business in many industries, including technical, financial, medical. Many people translate their legal documents to travel or immigrate to Sweden, so Swedish documents are always in high demand. Our company provides fast, accurate services at a great price. We employ only native Swedish speakers who gained us the trust of many loyal customers. Choose us to experience the best quality translation you’ve ever had. 


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Swedish Translation

Our company entered into a partnership agreement with a service company in Sweden and we needed to send agreement documents to their side for signature and confirmation. We are so thankful to professionals like TheWordPoint who give nothing short of quality service for their customers.

Swedish Translation

I am a literature professor who specializes in world literature. I found a blog that contains valuable information on a few literary pieces and wanted to share it with a Swedish student. I had them translated to his language and I was so glad it helped him in his studies. Thanks a lot!

Swedish Translation

My husband was diagnosed with a heart disease a year ago. We were recommended to a doctor in Sweden for treatment, so we had to translate most of his medical records from English to Swedish as a precaution from a certified translator. We were recommended to TheWordPoint and they did not fail us with the job. Many thanks to the team!

Swedish Translation

Our sports team needed professionals to translate our travel documents from English to Swedish for an international competition. We would have had a hard time if it wasn’t for TheWordPoint who professionally translated 15 delegates’ travel documents as quickly and efficiently as they could!

Swedish Translation

TheWordPoint’s translators are one of the most professional teams I’ve worked with ever since I have been looking for translation services. My business proposals translated to Swedish from Indonesian were done so well for a language pairing that was so unique. Kudos!

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