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Certified immigration translation services provided by our agency guarantee USCIS acceptance, accuracy of immigration documents translation and complete confidentiality.

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Certified Immigration Translation Services

Moving to another country is always exciting and stressful. New opportunities emerge, with hopes and optimism for gaining a better life and achieving success blossoming. But before starting this journey for real, a person must pass various technical preparation stages, and that includes submitting all possible documents needed for acquiring official citizenship.

Immigration translation services play an essential role here because they could help bypass legal obstacles and receive approval from the first try. Accuracy is a necessity since any mistakes or lack of experience could lead to rejection, wasting your time and money. TheWordPoint offers professional assistance at the highest level. We have only certified experts working for us, which allows us to provide you with quality service.

Internationally Certified Experts

Our professionals meet international certification standards for accurate and reliable translations.

Human Translation Only

At TheWordPoint, we only offer human translations from experienced and certified native speakers.

Hire Experienced Immigration Translation Service

There are different documents that future immigrants need to submit, meaning that they’ll require a diploma, ID, CVbirth certificate translation, etc. The market is vast, but only some companies have the authority to offer their services. TheWordPoint is among them. We have years of experience filled with intense practice and thousands of satisfied clients. Taking these factors into consideration is vital because you should be 100% sure about the legitimacy of your chosen service.

Immigration-related documents include special terminology along with expressions that need localization. Only experienced specialists are capable of producing error-free documents that correspond to USCIS or other international guidelines, and we are proud to say that many of them cooperate with TheWordPoint. If you want everything to go smoothly, consider hiring only trustworthy services.

Why Certification is Necessary

Every document people submit to USCIS must be certified. This process helps prove accuracy, verifying its professional as well as official value. Only an authoritative body could provide it, which is why you need not just any immigration translator but truly qualified ones. You cannot certify a file like this by yourself, so one way or another, you need professional assistance. It’s one of the main requirements for immigration that you should follow, and only experts could help you deal with all this paperwork.

What Documents Need Translation for Immigration

One of the biggest questions people who are planning on traveling to another region have concerns about what kind of personal papers they should prepare. The requirements could vary from country to country. But after spending so many years on providing our document translation services for immigration to clients, as well as cooperating with organizations such as USCIS, we’ve developed a thorough list. It covers the documents immigrants are supposed to have.

  • Birth certificates. This is the basic demand since such a certificate confirms your identity and details of your birth, which helps reinforce the authenticity of other files. Provide certificates for yourself and your family members if they are coming with you.
  • Marital status: marriage or divorce certificates. Immigration organizations want to learn everything about you, which is why you should be honest in indicating your marital status. Bring in everything that is related to your marriage.
  • Academic transcripts. These are particularly relevant in case you’re immigrating for studying purposes. Include transcripts from your school or college as they’ll have to be converted to another language.
  • Letters regarding degrees. If you’ve completed any stage of education, let immigration service know. Attach the corresponding files along with their copies.
  • Job certifications. Our immigration document translation services assist with this kind of task, too. Just provide validation confirming every job you had during your pre-immigration time.
  • Home studies. Some people receive education right at home. If you are among them, provide some proof — you’ll need it when filing your immigration application.
  • Diplomas. All relevant diplomas connected to studies, work, or even some credible English courses should be provided.
  • Adoption papers. If there is an adopted child whom you take with, be sure to provide all documentation proving the kind of relationship between you.
  • Death certificates. If immigrants have a deceased loved one, they might also have to attach a death certificate to the application. Immigration agencies are thorough in their background checks, and they want to know everything about you and your family.
100% Confidentiality Guaranteed

Personal information and data provided by every client is protected and never shared with third parties.

Ability to Work with a Variety of Formats

No matter what kind of document you need translated, we can meet your formatting needs.

Translate Documents for Immigration According to USCIS

USCIS certified translation services hold a particularly relevant role in this market because they differ from standard ones. USCIS has a range of its own guidelines that should be followed. If you’re applying to this organization, hoping for acceptance in the US, you should maintain them. Foreign language papers must be done specifically in accordance with USCIS requirements, and only specialists whose qualification is officially proved could do that. Certification of accuracy is needed, confirming that no information was distorted, omitted, or made up in a process.

There are special requirements for employment eligibility, education history, family life; a person must be aware of all enforcement procedures, penalties, as well as correct definitions. It’s hard work with numerous intricacies and technicalities, meaning that you should try avoiding wasting time and effort by hiring an expert right away. Only professional assistance could ensure that you succeed after the very first attempt, bringing paperwork hassle to a bare minimum.

Make Your Order at TheWordPoint

Whether you find yourself in need of high school diploma translation, birth record, academic translation servicemarriage certificate translation, or divorce certificate translation contact our company. We’ve been providing translation for immigration for many years. We have language experts specializing in all kinds of international regulations, which helps us follow the required guidelines and help our customers receive approval in no time.

Contact us now: start a chat with one of our support representatives or fill in the online order form. Specify what form of assistance you require, upload certificates as well as all other documents relevant for immigration, and select an expert from our expert base. We have 24/7 support along with money-back guarantees, so you’ll receive quality help right by your specified deadline.

Types of certified translation services we provide

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I translate my own immigration documents?

No, you can’t. It’s a requirement posed by USCIS because you also have to certify all documents. This can be done strictly by authoritative bodies who understand the existing regulations and know how to follow them.

How much do professional linguists charge?

The prices vary across the market. You can find unofficial language specialists charging extremely low amounts, but the quality could suffer accordingly. Others ask for about $0.20 per word for basic projects. Our service charges $0.14 under the same conditions but with a guarantee of quality, which is why it’s viewed as one of the most affordable services in the US.

How long does it take?

There is no universal answer here because we take your requirements into account, which might include extra urgency. Normally, medium-sized projects take 14 days for being delivered, but we can work under shorter deadlines in case you require it. You dictate the terms, we follow them.

Who will translate my immigration documents?

Our service employs only experienced people who hold diplomas as well as international certificates. They work strictly with their native languages, so you don’t have to worry about quality — with our experts, it’s guaranteed.

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Immigration Translation Services

My husband will be bringing our adopted son with him as they finally immigrate to the US with me from China. Part of the immirgation documents we need to submit is our son’s adoption documents to be translated from Chinese to English. TheWordPoint provided us with a fluent Chinese speaker to help translate our son’s documents. It was great working with you!

Immigration Translation Services

I have long known that immigration to the US requires non-US citizens to submit to the USCIS certified translated documents. Glad that I have known TheWordPoint for a while and I have tried and tested the quality work they do. Translating my immigration documents from German was a piece of cake for them. I could always trust them for all my translation needs!

Immigration Translation Services

Following my wife to Los Angeles from Sweden required me to prepare so many documents in preparation for my immigration. Unfortunately I had to request a new copy of our marriage certificate which came late so I had to find another certified translator who could do the job quickly. Thanks to TheWordPoint, the marriage certificate was translated quickly and in excellent quality for a very reasonable price!

Immigration Translation Services

I found a permanent job in France through our Company’s Paris branch. I am finally immigrating to France in a few months and I am now preparing to have my job certifications translated with the help of TheWordPoint. I’ve been using their services several times now and they have never failed me. Keep up the good work!

Immigration Translation Services

My son and I will be moving permanently to the US because of my job. Part of his immigration documents are his academic records which needed translations from Italian to English. I was recommended to TheWordPoint by a friend who vouched for their professionalism and quality service and sure enough, I was not disappointed! I will for sure be working with them more in the future!

Immigration Translation Services

My daughter and I will be going back to permanently live with my parents in Czech Republic after 25 years. Since both of us aren’t considered citizens of Czech, we needed to prepare translated immigration documents to live in Czech Republic. TheWordPoint was so professional in dealing with our translation needs. I couldn’t have found a better translation service than them!

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