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You’re an awesome film creator who doesn’t want to limit your audience to those who speak your language. You want to tell your story to a multi-national audience, so you will probably need to get film script translation services in more than one language, depending on the number of countries to which you want to release your film.

However, when you get your film script translations done, you want anyone who sees your film to understand its basic principles. Not only that, you want to preserve the tone, passion, and context in your movie so it is localized well to anyone who will watch it in their native language.

Four Top Benefits of Our Film Script Translation

TheWordPoint’s literary translation is considered among the most sought out in the United States and several other countries. We are proud of the reputation we’ve built, but we are especially pleased that so many clients choose to trust our service above others. Here are four things you should know about our service before making any decision:

  • Only experienced professionals. Every employee holds a Master’s or Ph.D. degree. They have completed many film script translation projects and succeeded there. They also pass tests that verify their knowledge, which allows selecting only the best.
  • Prices are affordable. There are several client packages you could choose from depending on what services you’d like to order and which prices you find more satisfying. For a movie script, you’d have to pay only $0.10 per one word.
  • Localization of your film scripts. Our script translators don’t merely know languages: they adapt a text by taking into account the mindset and culture of a target nation. Wordplay, inside jokes, and other references are fully conveyed.
  • Quality after-care. This option protects you from any failures on our part. We acknowledge the fact that at some point, something could go wrong due to involvement of a human factor. But as a customer, you have nothing to worry about: ask for revision if displeased or request a refund. Every client is protected with a money-back guarantee.
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Types of Work Our Script Translator Could Do

TheWordPoint provides fast translation services that are known for their high quality as well as diversity. There are different kinds of film scripts people produce. For covering all such needs, we have specialists focusing on each type separately.

  • Film scripts. Our team performs a full translation of a script itself, feature movie dialogues, or any other element you require.
  • Television productions. TV shows or programs also function on the basis of scripts. If you’re a writer who has an interesting idea that the world deserves to know about, we’ll assist you in putting it into words that the foreign audience would understand.
  • Documentaries. Lots of people remain oblivious to this fact, but documentaries also require detailed scripts that would guide the events happening in them. If you have one that you would like to promote internationally, let us know.
  • Screen-write ups and corporate videos. Millions of companies produce videos and look for people who could offer promising marketing scripts to them. If you want to try your hand at it but don’t speak the required languages, no problem!
  • Video game scripts and animation series. The number of games is constantly growing, just like people’s interest in the anime. Let some of the top studios learn about your ideas by offering their perfect versions.

Ways in Which We Could Translate Script For You

There are several methods we could use for enabling global audiences to read your film script. A whole film script translating process is many-layered and diverse, so before engaging in it, we clarify all relevant details before choosing the most appropriate type. You could also make your own demand that your expert would follow.

  1. Regional targeting. This film script translation type focuses on a specific region your script covers. Even one single country has hundreds of dialects, cultural norms, and differing vocabulary. It might play a huge role in a studio’s decision regarding whether they should purchase film script you produced, so our services adapt it accordingly depending on the area you plan on targeting.
  2. Literal. Such type is rarely utilized because it entails a direct word-by-word film script translation, with subtext often being lost in the process. But it might work in certain situations — for example, when your script heavily relies on technical descriptions. Knowing which type would fit your creation best, we’ll have to know the details.
  3. Oblique translation. This kind stands out from the rest because it’s almost always included in the film script translation process. Some sentences simply cannot be conveyed accurately with every meaning being preserved because languages differ in too many aspects, from structure to stylistics and semantics.

Oblique adaptation has four methods:

  • A transposition method implies parts of the speech switching places or even forms as a sentence is being translated. Don’t be concerned if you see that in the original, the verb comes second while in film translation, an expert has put it in the middle.
  • Compensation means that the impact you wanted to produce in one place is transferred somewhere else. This script translation method cannot always work in the context of a specific sentence, so a specialist preserves the meaning and puts it where it makes more sense. As an example: the pronouns “you” (informal and friendly) and “You” (formal and honorable) are denoted by different words in languages like French or Russian, but they sound the same in English. To reflect the shift in the tone from formality to friendliness, our film script translator will use the usual “you”, but they’ll add some informal words into a sentence after that to make it clear that your characters feel closer to each other now.
  • Reformulation mostly concerns idioms or phrasal verbs that mean entirely different things in various cultures. An expert preserves a meaning but changes the wording entirely.
  • Modulation is applied when the same message is conveyed in slightly different ways to avoid awkwardness and make dialogues in films more natural. For instance, “I put my eyes on her every day” sounds understandable but awkward, so “I see her every day” would be a much better option.

Our Film Translators and Localization Specialists

Since we are providing translation and subtitling services, we make sure to cooperate only with fully qualified industry experts. We understand how much your success depends on us, so we assign the best film localization specialists to complete our clients’ orders. They do not merely work on English or Spanish translation of movie scripts, they localize each aspect. Jokes remain as funny as they have been in the original while drama is conveyed to the same moving extent, even if other words are used for expressing it. More than that, we select those employees who come from your target region in particular because we want their performance to be flawless. They understand all linguistic nuances, which is reflected in their film script translations. They also maintain correct formatting, which is a vital part of every script-related process.

Achieving Ultimate Security for Your Benefit

Your privacy is one of essential things we focus on when offering film translation services. You wouldn’t want anyone to misuse your private data, so we protect it by sticking to corresponding laws and regulations. We issue a complete guarantee that no one would ever access your information, so don’t worry about it. With our service, you’re 100% secure.

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Use Our Assistance and Catch Your Golden Script-Writing Opportunity

As a company specializing in online certified translation services, we offer numerous advantages for our clients. Take a look at our website, become familiar with our terms and customer packages, get in touch if there are still any questions or concerns. Movie script translation done by TheWordPoint professionals will be as refreshing, vivid, accurate, and engaging as your original film manuscript. We are going to preserve your unique style and creative meaning while ensuring that other populations get a chance to enjoy your film script.


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