Immunization Record Translation Services

We provide immunization record translation services in over 50 languages. Count on us for accurate and translations of these and any other medical records.

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Efficient and Timely Immunization Record Translation Services

Most countries require certain immunizations for foreigners to enter. While travelers may be careful to get the correct immunizations, they may not think about the need for a vaccination record translation into the language of the country or countries they plan to enter. This is your safest bet to avoid delays and potential entry exclusion. TheWordPoint provides immunization record translation services online into over 50 languages, all completed by native experts who know what is necessary and who can provide an accurate translation. To be fully safe, place your order with us now.

COVID Translation Services for Your Needs

Do not worry about your COVID-19 documents for traveling anymore. Regardless of your destination, we can prepare an immunization translation of the required documents. TheWordPoint translation professionals are well aware of the standards of COVID-related papers and can handle any task to facilitate your travel. We do our best to suit the needs of our customers, so we provide services for all COVID documents translation that might be required by airlines and governments.

  • COVID Immunization Certificates Translation

One of the most widespread documents required for traveling is a recent PCR test. Its possible variation is documentation of recovery (which also includes previously taken positive COVID test). If you need to have a PCR test result with you, make sure to take it no more than 72 hours before traveling. Also, take into account that you need to order your translation once the document is ready to make sure you receive it back in time. This document is almost all the time accepted in digital form. So, you might need only a PDF document saved or a QR code that leads to the website with the result.

  • COVID Rapid Tests Translation

Another widely accepted document is a recent negative rapid test result. These include RT-LAMP, antigen, TMA, molecular, ID NOW, or NAAT tests. Since there are quick tests, they should be taken 4 hours before the travel maximum. Electronic versions of results are also widely accepted.

  • COVID Vaccination Passports Translation

In many countries, a traveler now needs a record that he has had the required COVID vaccinations. They receive cards or some type of document as proof in their native languages. In some cases, this vaccination proof is housed on passports. To board an airplane or to enter a country, they may need that card, document or passport translated. We can translate vaccination record documents and have those back to you within an hour. Some countries even require both the vaccination record and a recent negative test result. You will need to do the research to know what is required by any country you will enter. Then order the test and/or vaccine translation services for each country from our native-speaking experts.

Internationally Certified Experts

Our native-speaking professional translators meet international certification standards for accurate and reliable medical records and immunization translations

Human Translation Only

At TheWordPoint, we offer only human vaccination record translation services from experienced and certified native speakers.

How Does Getting Immunization Card Translated Work?

As people are making plans about traveling, they look for professional medical documentation translation. It’s important to choose wisely, because there are numerous legal nuances that must be taken into account. Terminology, policies, and terms differ among languages and countries. Speed is also a factor, since in most cases, people remember to translate their immunization and test results records at the last moment. Inexperienced individuals and companies fail these tasks, and thus cannot present the proper documents upon entry. That’s why you must put your trust only in agencies with rich experience and a solid success history that can be checked via clients’ reviews.

Our services fall into this group of trusted immunization record translation services. If you decide to contact us, be sure to provide us with your current vaccination card as well as a list of countries you plan on visiting. We will pass this information for our translators’ usage, who’ll work on it and certify it. When they are finished, you’ll have a copy of an immunization record for each country. If you’re traveling with children or family members, don’t forget to send their cards as well.

Importance of Ordering This Kind of Service

So, how important is it to have a professional translate an immunization record? It’s as essential as that of a birth certificate. If a person cannot prove that they have been vaccinated to officials who don’t speak their language, they might be denied entry. And, in their travels, they might face a medical emergency and be taken to a hospital. If local medical teams are unable to read vaccination and other medical records, they will have a difficult time providing the right treatment. They will be forced to search for a certified translator online and a reliable Latin translator first. It could delay potentially vital treatment, or a traveler could end up in an isolation unit until they prove that they do not pose a risk for other patients. That’s why it’s much better to take care of everything in advance as you’re still going to hire a qualified service at some point.

This is why it’s much better to take care of everything in advance, so there is no stressful situation posed.

Other Reasons to Translate Vaccination Record

Vaccination cards are also needed by students. For instance, if a person plans on doing a semester abroad or hopes to attend school in a foreign country, they may need your immunization files submitted as a part of an admission process. In addition, they might be trying to obtain a job or an internship in another region. They would have to get their shot records translated and certified in this case, too. The same applies to immigrants upon entry into their new country. Our service has been providing this type of assistance for years, so trust us to do the job right. No matter what type of document you may need, and no matter what the original format, we can translate it into the new required format.

100% Confidentiality Guaranteed

Personal information and data submitted to us is protected by the highest level of security technology and never shared with a third-party.

Ability to Work with a Variety of Formats

No matter what type of document you need, and no matter what the original format, we can translate it into the new required format.

How Do We Ensure Security and Confidentiality?

People ordering immunization translations often worry about the safety of data they submit for their chosen agency to use. We’d like to alleviate your doubts in this regard: we follow all legal principles and laws of confidentiality. Our specialists are also bound by the agreement they sign with us, so know that your information is fully protected 24/7, from the moment you submit your vaccination record and ever since.

People ordering medical and immunization records translations often worry about the safety of data they submit for their chosen agency to use. We’d like to alleviate your doubts in this regard: we follow all legal principles and laws of confidentiality. And our technology for encrypting and storing personal information is at the highest level. Our specialists are also bound by the agreement they sign with us, so know that your information is fully protected 24/7, from the moment you submit your medical or vaccination records and forever thereafter.

Aspects of Quality Control

All experts of TheWordPoint treat quality procedures with the utmost precision. If you’re worried about the accuracy of your vaccination records, don’t be: take a look at all measures we take to ensure your satisfaction.

  • Only qualified translators. We have extremely demanding sets of employment requirements that only a limited number of people can meet. They comprise language tests, sample translation tasks, as well as analysis of candidates’ education and employment history. Every immunization document is checked thoroughly in terms of credibility, so our customers can count on true professionals working on their tasks.
  • Team of editors. We have an independent team of proficient editors who monitor the flow of submitted orders. They help catch possible mistakes before immunization cards are sent to our clients’ email.
  • Additional quality package. If you’d like to ensure a completely flawless experience and eliminate the slightest chances of mistakes in your immunization card, choose the double quality check package. Editors pay particularly close attention to such orders.
  • Testing via sample groups. When a document requires localization, we send it for advanced sample testing. It means that we allow a group of native speakers to check the project we’ve done and submit their feedback. All these measures help ensure the highest quality level.

Trust TheWordPoint and Travel Confidently

If you want to travel securely, be sure to engage in vaccine translation. Our service provides all kinds of services, from marriage certificate and immigration translation to certified translation for USCIS. Contact us in case you require assistance, give as many details about your order as you can, upload files, and consider your task done! We work quickly and efficiently, so you can be certain that we won’t disappoint you.

Types of translation services we provide

Globalize all of your medical records and immunization documents! Reach the world in confidence that your travel will not be delayed or refused. We’ve helped countless individuals and businesses!


Do you certify translations?

Yes, we do. We deal with many official kinds of translation, vaccination cards are one of them. So certification is one of the common services we provide for our customers.

Do you keep my information secure?

Absolutely. We adhere to all official laws related to confidentiality, so as soon as you become our client, all your data is 100% protected. Each employee understands and obeys this principle since they also sign a legally binding agreement.

How much does it cost to translate an immunization record?

Our prices start at $0.10 per one word. They depend on urgency, complexity, and language pair. Learn more by visiting our “prices” section and studying all information there.

How long does it take to translate a project?

Generally, our experts prefer to have at least 2 weeks for an average-sized project, but this deadline can be pushed forward if required. Specify it and we will assemble a bigger team of translators.

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Immunization Record Translation Services

Immigrating in the midst of a pandemic is risky and difficult with all the medical requirements needed. I needed proof that I am already COVID-19 vaccinated before my immigration to France and needed a certified translator to translate it to French. Thanks to this team, I was able to get what I needed quickly. Thanks!

Immunization Record Translation Services

I needed proof of my negative PCR test for COVID-19 from my country of origin for my business trip to Korea. I had it quickly translated through TheWordPoint to present to the airport staff before and after landing in Korea. Thank you for a job well done as always!

Immunization Record Translation Services

Medical documents and immunization data are oftentimes neglected but are necessary requirements when going abroad. Excellent translators like TheWordPoint should be your go-to agencies because they make sure your immunization cards are translated in a way that’s accepted in your destination country!

Immunization Record Translation Services

My sister and I are traveling to Korea and Russia for the next month. As we are both vaccinated, we had our vaccination cards translated to both Korean and Russian through TheWordPoint who made sure that terminologies and policies are followed in those countries. Thank you for the big help!

Immunization Record Translation Services

My son is moving to Japan with his father to continue his university degree and we need his personal records including medical and immunization records translated before he leaves. Thanks to TheWordPoint, we had everything done quickly and they offered the lowest rates of all services I’ve inquired about!

Immunization Record Translation Services

A stroke of bad luck made me forget to get my vaccination card translated before my business trip to Italy. Thankfully, TheWordPoint got my vaccine card translated in just around an hour—fully certified! I am so pleased with this prompt service response. Thank you so much!

Immunization Record Translation Services

My husband and I are immigrating to Paris soon and we needed our vaccination cards fully translated and certified. As we have been using TheWordPoint’s services for long, we could only trust them for these kinds of services. They got back to us so quickly as soon as we communicated our request!

Immunization Record Translation Services

My son will be traveling to Saudi Arabia as a nurse for 3 years. We needed to get his vaccination documents translated to Arabian however not a lot of translators we know do English to Arabian translations. We stumbled upon TheWordPoint and their website design made it easy for us to inquire about everything we need.

Immunization Record Translation Services

Getting my rapid test results translated to Korean was easy as pie with TheWordPoint. At such an affordable price, the turnaround of the translation was so fast with all the certifications I might need in the middle of my trip. It was a very good choice to avail of their services among all translation agencies!

Immunization Record Translation Services

Traveling around at a time of pandemic requires a lot of medical records. I’ve had my rapid tests translated to three languages by TheWordPoint and they always make sure to give me translators who are well-versed in the medical sphere. Great job as always!

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