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Immunization Record Translation Services

Imagine the following scenario. You’ve traveled to Asia with plans to spend three weeks visiting several different countries. You’re having a wonderful time. Then, one morning as you are ready to fly out of one gorgeous country into another, you see a news story that there has been an outbreak of some illness in the country you are intending to visit next. You aren’t concerned though. You’ve been vaccinated for that particular illness. So, you head to the airport completely unconcerned. Then you get stopped at the gate. They aren’t letting anybody enter the country who could be at risk for catching or carrying this disease.

You pull out your immunization card. The only problem is that it is in handwritten English. The staff at the airport don’t feel safe accepting that document and now you are stuck. All of this could have been avoided if you had thought to get your immunization card translated by a certified translator.

Order Certified Translation of Immunization Cards

Every year, we hear about outbreaks of illnesses happening all over the world. In many cases, there are existing vaccinations for these diseases, and as a traveler you’ve probably gotten most of them. Unfortunately, if your vaccination card is not readable to airport officials, medical professionals and others, you can run into serious headaches.

The good news is that can translate your immunization card into nearly 100 languages. Even better, that translation will be completed by a certified translator who knows exactly what is acceptable in the country that you plan to visit.

Here’s How it All  Works

As you are making plans to travel, contact us and provide us with your current immunization card, and a list of the countries to which you plan on travelling. We will then pass that information onto our native translators who are qualified to translate this medical documentation for you, and to certify each translation. When we are finished, you will have a copy of your vaccination card for each country that you visit. If you are travelling with children and family members, don’t forget to send their immunization cards as well.

Is it Really Important to do This?

Absolutely! We already mentioned the inconvenience you could face if you cannot prove that you have been vaccinated. What would happen if you were to become ill and the hospital couldn’t read your immunization records? This could delay treatment or you could end up in an isolation unit until it could be proved that you were not a risk to other patients. It is much better to have the documents that you need in order.

What Are Some Other Reasons For Getting My Immunization Card Translated

Are you a student? If you plan on doing a semester abroad or attending school in a foreign country, you may need your immunization records translated as part of the admissions process. The same thing applies if you are trying to get a job or internship in another country. Do you have a heart and mind that is dedicated to service to others? If you want to volunteer in other countries, you definitely need to get your shot records translated and certified.

Any More Questions?

If you want more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are available any time of day to answer your questions or give you more information.

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