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Italy is a country that millions of tourists visit every year. Many of them grow so fascinated by its lively atmosphere and welcoming populations with their traditions that they choose to move there, join Italian workforce, or become a part of its culture in other ways. Certified Italian translation services come in handy in such cases because they help make sure that you fulfill your goals without any unnecessary delays. Would you like to contact an Italian employer but your knowledge is insufficient, so you’re afraid your CV is not going to be accepted? Are you planning on immigrating but require a translation of all documents, such as marriage/divorce certificates, academic transcripts, etc.? No problem — TheWordPoint is always prepared to assist.

Learning More About Italian Language

Thousands of individuals require professional translations from a qualified Italian translation company, but few of them are aware of the interesting facts concerning their chosen language. Italy is a unique country that almost everyone has visited at some point of their life, yet the Italian itself is spoken only by 63 million. It’s a very small number in comparison to the popularity of Italian culture: its prominence has a confusing effect, making people believe there are way more native speakers than there are in reality. Another reason contributing to this misconception lies in the fact that very popular countries practice Italian — namely, Italy, Vatican, and Switzerland.

Despite the amount of companies offering Italian translation service, providing an actually accurate document isn’t easy. Italian has only 21 letters and its grammar structure isn’t viewed as particularly complex, but at the same time, it has so many purely cultural exceptions and nuances that only native speakers could cope with them satisfyingly. TheWordPoint strives to hire local experts only that allows it to remain a leading agency in this sector. Most of our clients keep returning for repeated assistance because they’ve already received a practical confirmation of the quality our help presupposes.

Elements Our Italian Translator Service Involves

Due to many years of work with translations, we’ve built a reputation that lets us reach out toward more and more people. Regardless of what their needs are, we are prepared to tackle them. Our team has grown to huge extents, so we cover 50+ languages and offer more than five core services. The first one is translation in its basic form, but there are more options available, for example certified online translation services.

We could localize your project by mirroring your original style to a T. All your subtext would be preserved up to the smallest details, including jokes, curses (if it’s a game or a fictional story), word play, etc. We also translate documents from Italian to English and other languages, providing you with certified copies. It ensures the authenticity of localization, letting you submit the files to immigration centers and other official bodies.

In addition, there are interview transcription services. Just send videos, audios, or any other recording and we’ll create a translated copy for you. The same service stretches toward the creation of subtitles. Another option involves voice-overs, so if you lack a proper voice in your video content, we could create one for you into whatever professional language translation you need. Be that fluent Italian, German, Chinese, or others. Finally, we have a proofreading package: it is relevant for those who want to make their project flawless and error-less. Editing might still let some mistakes slip through, but proofreading will definitely remove them.

Italian Document Translation Based on Industries

Multiple industries employ multiple people, and they all work to make our world a more progressive and developed place. Italian translations differ in accordance with specialization, so one person would be incapable of serving all or even several of them at once. TheWordPoint hires diverse experts who are always ready to alleviate your problems, and here are the industries where Italian features most.

  • Legal. The legal sphere is very complex because it involves varying laws, interpretations, and concepts. An experienced Italian language specialist must understand them as they exist in two languages, the original and target ones. Our legal translations services are known for being precise because we keep making sure we hire only truly professional linguists. You can trust them to translate your paperwork in the spheres of commercial, international, criminal, tax-related, civil or administrative law just right.
  • Medical. Italian translation to English often involves medically-related texts. This focus has started drawing even more notice lately due to the situation with the pandemic, which increased the attention of medics and academicians. Articles, prescriptions, treatment drafts, or even healthcare notes are being exchanged between nations. Medical equipment is being bought, which also requires extensive paperwork. Our employees have qualification to work on such orders.
  • Technical. The majority considers Italian technical translations the most difficult, and for a good reason. Instructions, technical proposals, manuals and brochures have layers of terminology. They require a special approach and a very particular writing style. Luckily, our experts are well-versed in these aspects and they could help our customers at a moment’s notice.
  • Financial. Only some Italian translators are ready to provide finance translation services as they involve a big degree of responsibility and require specific knowledge. If you need to submit a translated version of a financial report, are interested in marketing research, have documents regarding funding or insurance, ask our employees for assistance. They won’t disappoint you since they received all required training.
  • Patents. Patent translation is another type of work that’s accompanied by technical difficulties. It has legal rules that have to be obeyed lying in its essence, so only some specialists could accept such responsibility. We have them in our expert team, so if you need application assistance, drop a line!

Prices, Revisions, and Other Benefits

We try to be the best in the provision of Italian to English translation services. For achieving this goal, we’ve introduced many advantages our customers could access within seconds of our cooperation. Take a look at some of them.

  • Stable prices. We keep prices affordable so that more people could use our services. Italian–English as well as English–Italian combinations cost $0.10 per one word. This is an example of an average translation rate the majority find acceptable, which is why we’ve kept it stable for years now.
  • Free revisions. Mistakes happen with anyone, so if you feel that something is wrong with your file, be sure to send your concerns. You have a right for requesting free revisions — we want only perfection for you.
  • Top translating tools. While we rely strictly on human experts, we encourage them to use special glossary tools that keep all data synchronized. Our technology is helpful without being invasive, so if you ordered Italian language translation, be assured that it will be done according to the highest standards.
  • Expedited delivery. You are our boss. While our online system offers the most appropriate deadline automatically when you specify the order size, you’re the one who makes a final decision. If you want it done sooner, make it clear. We’re going to assemble our linguists and they’ll start right away.

Let Us Take Translations Off Your Shoulders

We work incessantly to meet your goals and offer the best English to Italian translation services. Our experience defines our company while positive reviews by numerous clients place us in the top market leaders. Consider our terms, calculate the price your project is going to take, and submit an order form with details. We accept and assign language experts to orders within an hour in most cases, so you can be certain that your task is in the safe hands.



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What Our Clients Say

App localization

We used translators' from this service for the localization of our app Looksar (http://looksar.com/) and everything turned out to be perfect! We have users from all over the world thanks to the English interface and proper localization. You can definitely rely on them if you need expert assistance.

Translation Services

Probably, the best translation company! The support staff is very friendly and helpful, they really care about you and your needs. And of course, the translators are real professionals! I know that I can always rely on them!

Certified Translation

I moved to the USA recently and because of it I needed a quick and quality translation of all my documents from Italian. They did everything on the highest level. I’ve had no problems with the documents at all. Will order only from them if there will be a necessity.

Literature Translation

I work at the publishing house that always needs good translators to work with us. Here we have found the experts for all the languages we need. It’s a pleasure to work with them because they are very experienced and know their job perfectly! All our projects were smooth and successful!

Game Localization

We have created a video game and need some professional translators to help us with the English and German versions of it. Luckily we have found this service. Their experts did a good job, having translated all the text in a week. In the future we will definitely use their help again.

Translation Services

We have been partners with this service for a year. They proved their professionalism a plenty of times. The translators are very experienced and we have always received a high-quality help from them. We are glad to cooperate with such a reliable company!

Translation Services

I work at the event-agency and we often communicate with foreigners from different countries. That’s why I work with this service a lot and they really are a reliable partner in business. Thank you guys for help!

Translation Services

Outstanding company if you need a professional yet quick translation service! I’ve already ordered from them a couple of times and plan to work further in the future. They have all that you may need from the translation agency. I recommend it to everyone!

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