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Anyone who has read legal documents in their own languages knows that they are complex and have a vocabulary all of their own. Just buying a home, for example, involves a legal mortgage loan contract that very few buyers can understand; likewise, anyone who has read a court pleading, brief, or decision knows that only those trained in the profession can write or read them with comprehension.

For translations services, then, legal documents present big challenges. Translators must not only have full expertise in their native languages; they must also have a career background in the law, either in the career field itself of in academic study. Finding these translators is difficult and takes time and research, not to mention screening and interview procedures.

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At The Word Point, we have taken the time to do the research, screening and rigorous process of interviewing. Candidate have to demonstrate their skills in legal translations that we provide for them as a part of the application process. When we hire a legal translator, we know they have those skills that meet the high standards of the legal profession and legal authorities in his/her native country and of the country in which the original document was created.

Our clients are lawyers, businesses, e-commerce entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and other public/professional organizations that need to reach out globally. Our legal translators are assigned based upon their specific legal and linguistic skills, as well as their backgrounds in specific sectors.

Types of Legal Translations Performed by The Word Point

Clients from all sectors will find the following translation services at The Word Point:

  1. Immigration

Immigrants who seek work permits, foreign residency status and, ultimately citizenship in a country will be subject to a large number of legal documents in that country’s language that they must read and understand. This is often an impossible feat, when language in the recipient country is not fluent. Having experts who can translate these documents for full understanding on the part of immigrants is of great benefit. In fact, any public immigration agencies are now involved in obtaining such translations themselves.

  1. Laws

Laws in any country are written and published in legal language. The lay person does not understand them except as they are interpreted for them in lay language. Businesses and organizations need accurate translations of laws in foreign countries in which they intend to establish a presence, both on- and offline.

  1. Litigation

It is conceivable that individuals and companies may find themselves involved in litigation in another country or have a need to understand a court decision of a litigated case. In these instances, expert legal translators will be able to provide detailed and accurate translations and, as well, summaries of court cases and decisions.

  1. Regulations

Regulations are much like legislation, and they usually come as a result of legislation or executive orders that are issued by a government at any level. They, too, will reflect legal language which must be accurately translated, so that there are no mis-understandings on the part of any organization establishing a presence in a local, regional or national level. Rules of any kind must be followed, and ignorance is not accepted as an excuse.

  1. Patents

Patent laws in every country differ. If a business or manufacturer is using products that are under patent in another country, it is important that patent law in the home country be understood. Without that understanding, an organization may mis-use a product and violate a patent law. Clear, understandable translations of patents will prevent this issue.

  1. Business Law

Anyone in business in the U.S. knows that there is a huge body of law regarding business operations. Other countries have huge bodies of laws too - laws regarding native businesses and foreign businesses coming into their countries. With accurate and careful translations of business law for companies who want to enter foreign markets, organizations will avoid pitfalls and consequences of being in violation.

  1. Contracts

Contacts are legal documents in any country and between parties of different countries. Contracts should be translated and thoroughly understood before they are signed.

  1. Financial Agreements

It is critical that any financial documents with banks, investment firms, or other private entities are completely understood by both parties. Facts and figures must be understood, and accurate translations ensure this.

Of course, there are other needs for legal translations depending upon the types of organizations and businesses involved in operations with individuals and organizations in other countries. Translations of adoption law, for example, is vital to those considering adoption of a child from a foreign country.

Whatever the need, The Word Point will locate the perfect legal translator for the task – you can count on it.

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