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As technological potential of the world expands, so do the opportunities for app developers. It takes time and numerous efforts to create a good, functional app. But after achieving success, many developers start thinking about accessing international markets. To realize this ambitious goal, they should localize and adapt the content of their application. Hiring app localization services is the only way of doing it successfully.

The more effective your text is, the better customer experience is going to be. The possibilities opening for business are nearly endless, but first, you must select a service that would not let you down. TheWordPoint is among the most trusted companies that specialize in both translation and localization. We always ensure that the app is as functional in a foreign language as it is in a native one.

Why Trust Professional App Translation Service

International communication influenced the appearance of numerous services. The problem is, software localization is a complex process that entails a number of crucial nuances that only certified experts can handle them properly. If you hire an inexperienced language specialist, you may make a mistake that might cost you reputation and customers’ trust.

Localization differs from typical translations because it presupposes a thorough adaptation of every piece of content in accordance with cultural norms of a target country. By hiring a professional agency like our service, you are purchasing a guarantee of excellent final results. We’ve been working long enough to ensure an automated workflow, and quality is a guarantee because we have only the best experts in our team.

Mobile App Localization and Stages It Entails

App, software, or game localization all entail specific stages. If you want this process to be successful, you must keep them all in mind.

  • Designing for App Localization. One of the first things to consider is API, which stands for application programming interface. It controls how all system components interact with each other. It is applied to a software system, and its design could be general or customized. Think of what option suits you best before implementing it.
  • Translation. Our experts take care of this stage. They double-check everything and carefully localize each bit, making them sound natural for a user of a target region.
  • Ensuring Compatibility. Your app must work on all major systems of potential clients, including Android and Ios. Every function should be operational. Translation proxy also plays a relevant part here. It helps present content to the local audience within a second, as soon as they open your app.
  • Audio and Video Localization. Your app could have audio or video content, and naturally, it must also be localized. Our service intends to do it for you. We make your content look and sound as stunning as it does on any smartphone within your native country.
  • Quality Control via Testing. We take responsibility for this step as well. When language experts finish their work, we send it for testing. A person from a target region who’s doing sampling downloads an app and uses it, providing feedback on their experience. If there are any errors, we correct them. This helps ensure top quality.

Importance of Human Translation in Localization

Localization services could be provided on the basis of various methods. Machines are useful with technical aspects as they help universalize terms and definitions. But while application localization is also viewed as something related to technology, it’s actually way more complex. Complete adaptation is required here.

Only humans can provide accurate Japanese, Russian, German to English translation services. Only humans can monitor everything, deciding what should be changed, what interpretation should be given for each specific feature, etc. Awkward phrases are clarified, all details, even seemingly minor ones, are adapted to fit culture and mindset of a chosen country. Personal approach is vital in such tasks, so our service engages purely in human experts. We want everything to be smooth and flawless, so there is no place for automation.

Prices You Can Count On

One of the burning concerns our clients have is about the amount of money they’ll have to pay for application translation service. In general, we could estimate the cost right on the spot after you provide all requirements. That may help in managing your budget, letting you plan ahead. There are no hidden fees or extra charges, which is always a plus.

If you prefer to know generic details, our price for localizing an app usually starts with $0.21 per word. The most expensive package costs $0.31, so select whichever interests you most. Our prices are among the most affordable ones in this market, but at the same time, quality doesn’t suffer. Each project we complete is checked and tested several times.

Hire Application Translation Specialists Today

Whether you need an app or web localization services, consider hiring TheWordPoint. Visit our site, fill in the order form with details about your app, and relax. From now on, your project is going to be in safe hands. After our experts submit localized app, you’ll undoubtedly be pleased with global customer growth. We guarantee the highest quality and provide additional security as free revisions and money-back option, so you won’t regret putting your trust in services we offer.

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  • Which languages can you localize into?

Our service works with 50+ languages. Naturally, we cover all major ones that are spoken by people in large countries, but we cover smaller regions as well, so you are almost guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. If you have any doubts, clarify this info with our support representatives.

  • Do you localize iOS or Android?

We do both. We have a professional understanding of the major technologies our world is divided into, so we took it into account when designing our service. It doesn’t matter which model you are using, just list your requirements and we will get started.

  • How do I localize my Android app?

All you have to do is share details of your project along with access to your app, and our experts are going to start working. You could try localizing an app by yourself, but there are many technical and linguistic peculiarities that must be considered, so hiring specialists is a better solution.

  • How long does a localization take?

We operate based on your deadlines. If your situation is urgent and you are looking for assistance with an app localization ASAP, indicate a specific date and we will quickly form a special team of experts. Usually, we prefer to have about 2 weeks for one app of average complexity level, but we are flexible and shift according to your wishes.

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