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App Localization Services for Global Market Expansion

There are apps for almost everything. Most e-commerce websites have mobile apps so that consumers can shop “on the go.” Looking at Apple Store and Google Play Store, the most popular categories are gaming, e-commerce, education, lifestyle, entertainment, travel, and health and fitness. In each of these categories, there is a global market. If you have a popular app, then it makes sense to acquire app localization services from a professional and expert translation agency.

The goal of your application localization is to provide the same great user experience to your foreign audience as it does to your native one. That is exactly what professional localization services will do for you. In almost all instances, that localization must be for mobile apps.

Internationally Certified Experts

We only employ professionals who meet the standards of international certifying organizations.

Human Translation Only

We use only certified native speakers with experience in specific fields and industries.

You Need a Professional App Translation

There are not a lot of skilled and experienced translation services. Why? Because those kinds of skills and experience mean employing true professionals who know what they are doing, in a variety of programming languages as well as industries. Employees of any app translation service must be natives of the target language region. Too many translation and localization services rely on non-native, non-certified, non-industry-specific expertise. The results are linguistic errors, sometimes large and offensive. The same goes for visuals. When translation service is also involved, architectural stacks with errors can result in a terrible user experience. When this happens, your application is “dead” for that audience.

The additional issue with mobile application localization services deals with platform for which your app has been produced. 

  • If you have an Android app, but you need iOS, there will be professional development required. 
  • If you initially localize iOS app and then want to add an Android one, the same development pros will need to be involved.
  • You need to determine if you should be iOS, Android, or hybrid apps, based upon the device popularity of your target audience. This type of information is available from a professional service that uses native translators/localizers.

As you can easily see, professional services must involve employees with specific expertise. Think, for example, of the difference between the translation and localization of a sophisticated game application, or a personal calendaring/scheduling app. At our service, you’ll get service large enough, expert enough, historically successful enough to offer any type of mobile app translation services. Localized and translated apps you get will be perfectly appointed for your target audience.

Multiple Stages of App Localization

Our services understand every detail of every stage of translation process that we provide to our clients:

  • We begin with a full discussion with the client once we receive an order for app localization. Based upon the category of app, and the target market location and language, we assign a native of that location for the translation – one who has expertise in the app category.
  • Decisions need to be made regarding the design/development. Which application programming interface will be used? Localization iOS app development works on Apple devices but never Android. The opposite is also true. However, there are new development technologies that’ll allow hybrid development for both platforms, and we have experts in this newer area of design and development as well.
  • The translation stage of the project is completed by the assigned native expert. They work closely with design/development experts because back-end architecture controls ultimate user experience on the front-end, including text, visuals, graphics, any multimedia elements, as well as other critical features such as speed.
  • Our quality control and testing activities are unequaled in this business. They are the reason that we are the top app translation agency in the business. Not only is each stage of development and translation checked and tested as it is completed. In the end, we actually test the entire application via potential users in the targeted location. We take all of their feedback and make changes as needed. When we receive totally positive reviews, we know that project is ready for delivery to the client and that it is perfect.

Why Human Translation and Localization are Essential

You’ll easily find translation and app localization service that use machine technology in its translation work. To a limited extent, this may be reasonable, if those machines are only used for universally accepted terms and definitions. While machine translation is improving with the use of artificial intelligence, it still does not meet the high standards and quality that human translation from a native does. For this reason, our service only uses human translation for our clients’ projects.

Human-only work on any type of translation is absolutely critical, because of the very nature of these types of projects. Application design and development changes cannot be machine-generated – that requires expert programming with the right architectural stacks put into place for full adaptation to a foreign language.

The other aspect of a successful mobile app localization service is continual communication between the translator and the tech expert. Beyond that, the native translator must transform all text, graphics, visuals,  multimedia elements into attractive, compelling, engaging content that’ll be fully appropriate and appealing to that target foreign audience. There is just no place for automation in app localization, and our service understands this. Many other services do not.

100% Confidentiality Guaranteed

Personal information and all submitted content or data is protected and never shared.

Ability to Work with a Variety of Formats

Request any format for any type of document and we will produce it.

Our Pricing – Transparent and Reasonable

Our mobile app localization services do have a generic pricing chart for app localization and translation, which ranges between $0.21 - $0.31 per word. Obviously, when an application is involved, we have to consider the complexity of the project. Localization that includes modifications to the back-end architecture is priced individually.

Your best course of action is to contact us personally, so that we can analyze the details of your iOS app localization project and provide you with a final and set pricing. You’ll find that our prices are not only reasonable but that, once quoted to you, they won’t change. There are no added fees or hidden extras. You’ll have a perfectly completed project for the price we have quoted. We won’t stop working until it is perfect.

Let Our Pros Give You the Perfect App Localization

Our services are committed to top quality and customer satisfaction. We guarantee satisfaction with a strong refund policy. But what we know is this: Because we use only the best developers and translators in the business, we’ll complete any project, even localizing iOS apps to perfection. If there are any issues as we test the final product, they’ll be fixed before you ever receive it. 
We urge you to get in touch with us to discuss what you need in localization to meet your foreign market targets.

We Provide All Types of Translation and Localization Services

Localize your app for global audiences. We have the expertise and experience to do it right.


Which languages can you localize into?

We localize and translate into 50+ languages, and we are continually adding new ones. If a client wants localization for mobile applications into a language, we do not currently offer, we’ll research the means to get a qualified and expert native. This has never happened to date.

Do you localize iOS or Android?

In short, the answer is both. The native app of the client may be in both, and, if so, we’ll localize for both platforms. If a client has only an Android or an iOS and wants both, we can certainly do this. There is also newer hybrid technology, and our services have the experts to develop in that area.

How do I localize my Android app?

You complete an order form on our service website. Our services then analyze mobile application localization details and contact you with any questions or clarifications we need. But rest assured, if you want your Android app translated, we have expert designers/developers and translators to do it perfectly.

How long does a localization take?

It’s impossible to give a set answer to this question. The client usually presents us with a deadline, and, if our services accept that deadline, project will be finished at that time. There are all sorts of levels of complexity of applications, however, so we do work with each client individually to establish a mutually agreeable time frame.
NOTE: If you do not find an answer to your specific question on our FAQ page, we urge you to contact us at [email protected]. We’ll respond quickly!

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App Localization

We used translators' from this service for the localization of our app Looksar ( and everything turned out to be perfect! We have users from all over the world thanks to the English interface and proper localization. You can definitely rely on them if you need expert assistance.

App Localization

Here we had found expert translators who made a localization for our app and website in 3 other languages - Spanish, Russian and Turkish. It was super easy to work with them and the result is really amazing! Very professional company. Reliable partner!

App Localization

Very professional service! They have helped me with the localization of application I’ve made and now I am working with them on the localization of my personal website. I’m very satisfied with their work! Highly recommend it to you!

App Localization

I have a game app that has been quite successful with an English-speaking audience. I decided to move into the Japanese market and came to TheWordPoint for that localization project. What impressed me most was being contacted by the native Japanese translator who pointed out a number of cultural issues that needed to be remedied. Glad I took his advice! My game is getting the interest and attention I had hoped for. Thanks for your help.

App Localization

We are a small startup but have already seen the importance of getting our three apps out to a global market. They are related to personal finance, and we know that with the right localization, they will be valuable to audiences in underdeveloped nations. Your pros were able to localize our apps for two African and one Middle Eastern audiences. And now, we are seeing the localizations resonate with these targets. Good job!

App Localization

As an e-commerce company, we fully understand the need to have an app, especially for mobile users in many countries where traditional infrastructure was never developed to support PC access by so many of their populations. We looked long and hard for a mobile app localization service and did finally settle on The Word Point. We have never looked back. Each localization has been perfectly completed, sales continue to climb, and we are ready for the next phase of expansion.

App Localization

We needed smartphone app localization (Android and iOS) and we had only an Android app. And, we wanted the app localized in three languages. It was a complex project, but you people took it on, got the right experts on the project, and we got final products that were perfectly done. The bottom line is always popularity and revenue, and we are getting both.

App Localization

Our research showed that what we needed for our target foreign audience was Android app localization. We had a hybrid-developed app which was not ideal. Your pros took that hybrid, made the changes that resulted in an amazing Android-only app, and we are supremely satisfied with how it is resonating with our foreign audience.

App Localization

We have a several-year history of working with translation agencies who have promised superior mobile app localization service. In all of these cases, we were ultimately disappointed with the results. They just did not give the user experience we wanted. Finally, we found you. Every project we have submitted to TheWordPoint has been superior in every way. And our mobile apps are gaining the use and revenue we want.

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Read More Reviews Get a Free Quote
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