App Localization Services to Help You Reach New Audiences

If you want people in other countries to download your app, you have to think in terms of both globalization and localization. Globalization is simply reaching out to an audience outside of your home country. Localization is ensuring that the content within your app is comprehensible for your target audiences.

Translation is Only a Part of The Process

When it’s time to get your application and related marketing content ready for new audiences, there is more to do than translating from one language to the other. You aren’t simply trying to win over customers who happen to speak a different language. You are trying to reach people who come from a different culture, who have different shopping behaviors, and who have different experiences and expectations.

Even the translation process itself is more complex than many reason. Our certified translators have to take into consideration appropriate use of words and phrases, changes in sentence length and structure that can impact content readability and quality, and how to interpret your app content in the most appropriate way possible. This means that your app won’t only look good, you will avoid potentially embarrassing misuse of language.

Order Localization of Applications

Why Localize My Mobile App?

People all over the world use App Store and Google Play to find apps that meet their needs. If your application isn’t available, or isn’t localized, you won’t get the attention of potential customers. We’ll localize your descriptions so that they are appealing to your target audience.

Then there is the content within the app itself. Simple terms such as ‘tap and swipe’ may not translate directly into your target language. Likewise, an error message might not make sense, unless a human being who understands that language can rewrite it in a comprehensible way for your target audience.

It’s all about creating a great user experience. That means your app must be intuitive and user interactions must flow naturally. It’s difficult to make it happen if users have to struggle over poorly translated text.

App Localization Provided Across All Platforms

We are a platform indifferent shop. This means that we provide localization services to all app developers regardless of your favored platform. Our certified translators and other staff will not only do the localization, they will test on multiple devices to ensure that your application maintains a great look and feel.

Ongoing Support

We know that apps are rarely ever finished. As you update your app, add features, and fix bugs, we will be there to back you up. We can also provide app localization services for your promotional and marketing materials, as well as for user guides and manuals. Does your application have a dedicated website? Let us help with that as well. Remember that success is all about effective communication.

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