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Every country functions with the help of federal, state, and local government offices. There are endless volumes of documentation circulating between them. Even a small mistake can lead to massive misunderstandings. That’s why government translation services play such an essential role in the process of people’s cooperation.

Law, budget, social services, medical sphere, security and education — all these sectors require good government translators. The only problem is, where to find them? TheWordPoint is an experienced company that has been assisting various entities, including different government agencies, for a long time. We provide our clients with accurate services that help make their lives much easier.

Why Only Professionals Should Translate for the Government

There are numerous agencies offering translator services. Deciding between them could be a problem, which is why the potential clients must study rules, histories, and ratings of these firms before making a final decision. Any flaws may be costly, especially for government bodies, since they could hinder cooperation or even endanger the safety of those involved in it. For instance, any mistake in a contract will result in two parties obtaining different information, with one holding more power over another. Government language is complex, so a person has to understand the specifics of terminology and adhere to required regulations when working. A scientific document has a huge meaning for its developer and target audience, and if any mistake has been made, it could compromise integrity of its findings.

Inexperienced linguists might make errors that are offensive for representatives of a certain country, which creates difficulties and might require money and efforts for alleviating a conflict. This is the reason why you need professional government translation services that have earned a strong reputation in the market. TheWordPoint falls within this category. We would be happy to take care of any documents you submit, letting our best experts work on them and improving foreign cooperation. All our rules have been developed with the sole aim of cultivating the trust of our customers, so our entire company is centered on your satisfaction.

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Types of Documents for Government Translate Service

There are thousands of files that public and other authority offices work with, from law regulations to contracts, amendments, policies, etc. Our company assists local, state, and federal governments, such as the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), by providing stellar document translations in various areas. Here are four major sectors we focus on (note that we aren’t limited to them, though).

Public Sector

Infrastructure, public health, education, as well as telecommunications are what a country is built on. There are constant flows of initiatives and regulations happening there. We have a group of language experts who understand all involved specifics, and they’ll be able to cope with any task in accordance with industry rules.

Social Sector

Government agencies tend to cooperate with profit and non-profit agencies in their resolve to care for a community and enhance its well-being. If you need an interpretation of any document related to this sector, tell us so we could find a perfect expert for you.

Government Translation and Localization

You might also be interested in more general government language translation services, apostille translation, localization assistance, transcriptions needs. The context of some areas could be culturally sensitive, meaning that mere localization would not be enough. Our team is going to adapt the content so it would read smoothly as well as comprehensively for a target audience.

Government Information Technology Services

There are constant innovations happening in the IT sphere, with endless papers accompanying each of them. If you want them translated, fill in the order form and we will get started right away.

Security and Confidentiality

Principles Working with government information is an extremely responsible task because it involves relevant files that are not authorized to be shared with any third parties. Any leakage is dangerous and could have drastic consequences, which is why you will want only a trusted expert to help you. We make sure to employ top professionals who understand the value of privacy, and it protects your information by taking full responsibility for its safety. We know how to keep it safe, so you have nothing to worry about when entrusting us with your task. Our assistance with government documents is 100% confidential, and our stellar work history proves it.

Quality Control Procedures

We ensure that all our orders undergo stages of thorough editing control. When the document is submitted, it is checked by editors who proofread it and correct the mistakes if there are any. Our certified translations carry an additional degree of quality certainty, but it doesn’t mean that other forms are any less accurate. We test every potential government interpreter in terms of their language and specialization, with only the best making it into our platform. It helps keep quality on the highest level, bringing satisfaction to our clients and us at the same time.

Choose Our Government Translation Service and Consider Your Problems Solved

For many years, our company has been meeting the demands of all possible types of clients. We provide immigration translation serviceimmunization record translation, as well as assist government offices by helping them reach an understanding with international representatives. Visit our website, learn about the solutions we offer, talk to our operators if you want to clarify anything, and order government translation service. We won’t let you down, and you’ll receive your documents before you know it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide government immigration services?

Yes, of course. We cover a very wide sector of assistance with government documents, and immigration is actually one of the most popular categories our customers need assistance with.

  • Do you certify government translations?

We provide certification services because we cooperate with multiple authorities who accept only such documents. If you want your document to be certified, just specify it when you are placing an order and it’ll be done.

  • Do you provide after-service?

Of course. Your satisfaction is paramount, so we offer revision and refund options. If there are any problems with the order we’ve completed for you, let us know, and we’ll solve them ASAP.

  • Can I order government interpreter services?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer this kind of assistance. If you are interested in ordering it from us, let our representatives know. If we see that the demand is high, we’ll consider expanding and covering this area of service.

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