Personal Content Translation Services

Personal Content Translation Services for Individuals

While we do spend quite a bit of time assisting software developers, web designers, and business professionals with their translation needs, our services are also available to individuals. Our certified translators are available for hire on a variety of personal projects that require translation services.

Translation Services For Personal Correspondence

Many clients come to us for assistance with translation of personal letters, documents received from businesses headquartered in foreign countries and other personal documents. At first, you might wonder why somebody would pay professional translation services when there are free translation services available online. The problem with these online translators is that they aren’t able to detect underlying meaning, they don’t translate with any level of cultural understanding, and they don’t pick up on nuances such as sarcasm. They certainly don’t understand slang or regional dialect. Our translators will take the documents you receive and translate them in a way that is accurate and retains the writer’s intended meaning.

Order Translation Services of Personal Content

Of course, if you have correspondence that you wish to send to someone in a foreign country, we can provide translation for those letters and other documents as well. In these cases, our professional translators will ensure that the translated documents truly convey what it is that you mean to say.

Your Personal Website or Blog Translated For New Audiences

If you have a blog or personal website, we can translate your content so that you can reach a wider audience. This can mean more visitors to your web pages and a larger audience for your blog. If you participate in affiliate marketing programs or even sell a product on a small scale, this can translate into more money for you. As always, we will make certain that translations contain the right context. Imagine the pride you will feel knowing that your input in thoughtful posts are making their way to a truly global audience.

Genealogy Translation Services

Imagine searching through boxes in a long deceased relative’s home and coming across a bunch of old letters from your great great grandparents. Wouldn’t you love to know what they say? That’s not so easy to figure out once you realize they’re written in German, or perhaps in some language that you don’t recognize. Now, imagine you’re tracing your family history online when you run into a payload of documents such as birth records, baptismal records, birth certificates, and census records. Unfortunately, once again, they are all in a language you don’t understand.

No problem! Just send them our way and our translators will help. Not only will they provide an accurate interpretation of the written works, they will also take historical context into account so that you truly understand what was written and at least to some extent, why. We would love to help you on your journey to explore your personal and family history by translating the important documents that you find.

Translation Services to Get Your Self Published Materials to Other Markets

If you have self published a book or eBook, or are working towards that goal, have you considered all of your marketing and distribution options? Depending on your subject matter, there might be audiences in a variety of countries who are eager to read your content. Through your own research, you might have even discovered these potential marketplaces on your own.

Wherever you are in this process, we can help. If you have not explored the idea of marketing in foreign lands, we can help you to identify these opportunities and connect you with certified translators who can translate your book into the native languages of your new audience.

Here’s the best thing of all, we will assign translators to your project who have a full understanding of the culture and expectations of your newly targeted audiences. Not only will we translate your published materials into new languages, we will also help you by translating your marketing materials and by helping you understand any new expectations that arise.

Your Confidentiality And Security is Our Priority

We know that when you contact us for personal translation services of documents that are very important to you. Your blog posts, your personal correspondence, your own writing, your family history are all extremely important and full of sensitive information. Please understand the following:

  • We store all documents and information that we receive from you on secure servers
  • We have policies and procedures in place to protect original documents and return them to you
  • We never share your information with 3rd parties without your consent
  • We use professional couriers and mail services when it comes to your documents
  • We use SSL technology via a third party payment processor to protect your financial information.

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If you need personal translation services for any reason, please contact us - we would be happy to hear from you.

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