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Quite often, people use personal content translation services for their life needs. This is understood, as we live in an information age, and globalization influences us no matter where we are. Many people work remotely for foreign companies or contact partners abroad. Surely, we all want to receive agile, fast, on-demand translation services that fulfill our needs. TheWordPoint is always ready to help you. Use our reliable services and experience the best mix of quality and price.

Personal Documents Translated For Your Life Needs

If you do machine translation, it’s easy to make many mistakes in personal correspondence. Such an approach won’t make content localized, which means it’s not adjusted for other cultures. When you receive documents from foreign businesses or send letters, a machine may wrongly translate certain parts. It can make serious business text inappropriate or hilarious because only humans understand hidden meanings or language norms. That is why, you need certified translation service from an experienced agency. Our company is reliable and has a strong reputation in the market, so your correspondence will have a great translation.

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Types of Personal Documents We Handle

Our company provides many services which fit all your needs:

  • Personal Correspondence - we may help with personal letters, retain humor, slang, or any writing style. Also, we offer CV translation services and work with documents which you receive from foreign employers.
  • Blog or Website - we help out clients convert personal website or blog to another language to reach a broader audience. This way, our clients may sell a product or take part in small affiliate marketing programs. That is how they invest in future profits.
  • Genealogy - if people want to trace back the genealogy tree, they may find out that their relatives are from other countries. In this case, turn to a content translation company and receive fast, professional service.
  • Books - if you work on a book, consider using book translation services to print it in other languages so that more people could read it. You may localize self-published or marketing materials, which will allow you to open new horizons and find loyal readers.

Hire Certified Content Translators

Our agency is popular with our customers for a reason. TheWordPoint has the best document translators, who are native speakers with many years’ experience in linguistics. They undergo a long process of certification and training, which results in accurate execution of their job. We have people from all over the world who are experts in more than 50 languages, so one may find almost any popular language on our site. We are proud of our language experts who are certified to translate personal, legal documents, provide translation of birth certificate or other serious documents.

Strict Privacy Policy

We understand how important it is for every client to maintain their privacy while submitting personal documents to professional translation services. That is why we have worked out a Privacy Policy that ensures complete confidentiality of all data we receive. Be sure that all your personal information is protected with us. Our Privacy Policy ensures security and confidentiality, as we don’t hand in any personal data to third parties. Even if your family member or friend reaches us out and asks for a copy of a document, we’ll not be able to provide it.

Affordable Prices

The pricing that TheWordPoint provides is always the best considering our quality and time of delivery. True, some companies may charge less than we do, but that may be compensated by less qualified translation. It is also true that most services have higher prices which is bad for the budget. We offer a unique mix of reasonable price, timely delivery and quality that our customers value. After the first order, they stay loyal and continue using our services.

We don’t charge a price per page like many other companies. You pay only for the exact word count in your text, which is a plus, as it saves money. Remember that we have a “Free Quote” option which allows us to submit the text and find out the price for translation at the nearest time.

Proofreading and Quality Control

After language expert finishes his work there are a few more steps left before the completed project is sent to you. Quality control and proofreading are very important in our business as quality is our number one priority. Native speakers carefully check documents and pick all possible mistakes. It’s always better to double-check.

It doesn’t happen often, but if our clients are dissatisfied with the final result, we refund their money. We don’t tolerate serious mistakes, so always try to give the best service no matter what. Also, we have a revision option that is available within 3 days after you received your papers.

Best Content Translation Agency Online

Our service is one of the best in our market segment. We offer fast round-the-clock service in more than 50 languages. Our experts are native speakers who can translate, proofread, certify, provide transcription service, or check the quality of your content. We work with personal documents, self-published materials, genealogy documents, websites, blogs, correspondence, etc. Our customers value us for the best policies, security, and prices. Place an order now to get your personal content translated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you do certified translations?

We provide certified translations for your personal documents. There are several options. You may bring us a copy which we will thoroughly proofread and certify. Otherwise, we can do both with a great pleasure and in highest quality.

  • What kind of after-service do you offer?

We always follow up on our clients. We can revise content shortly after you get it. It ensures high-quality work for any orders. If there are serious faults, we offer a money-back guarantee.

  • How do you calculate cost of translation?

There are such factors as language, length of text, and deadline. We charge for words, not pages, which lets us calculate the exact price and save your money.

  • How soon can you translate my project?

The length of project depends on word count of document. Usually, our language specialists can process 2 to 8 thousand words a day. If it’s an urgent order, several experts can work on documents and deliver them faster.

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