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We are helping the world become more connected by offering expert human translations provided by native speakers, certified professionals, and cutting-edge technology to enable you communicate more clearly.

Best Contract Translation Service

Most people think about starting a business. Finding partners and making connections is always beneficial, even more so if you’re about to go international. This is when you might need contract translation service from experts! Even if your partner is trustworthy, it’s important to ensure that the contract is accurate and perfectly reflects your interests and conditions. Doing this might be difficult if you don’t know the language in which this contract is drawn, and only certified translation online could salvage the situation. TheWordPoint offers rapid help with such matters! We work with numerous industries and have a big team of translators who know how to secure your success.

Why Companies Need Reliable Contract Translations

Some people might want to order contract Spanish translation services for their personal purposes, but in most instances, this type of assistance is common among companies in particular. They constantly strive to develop and strike new bargains or prolong the existing ones. Some companies operate internationally, so they require language help. For example, an agency might draw a contract with a supermarket, agreeing to supply them with a certain number of unique products for money. A partner from Japan could agree to sell valuable electronic parts to a US agency; a US firm could agree to hire an employee from Ukraine. All these parties should read and sign a contract they understand. They cannot do it without professional translators who’ll adapt the content into a language they know. Good translation is key to satisfaction and accuracy.

Experts with International Certifications

Words can lie, certificates from respectable organizations cannot. Our experts have certificates from ATA and other similar entities

Only Human Translation

Our clients receive only human translation. We do not use online machines for translating contracts

We Translate Contracts of All Types into Over 50 Languages

If you think that our company won’t be able to help with your unique contract, worry not. We have numerous employees who specialize in multiple spheres, from business to technical and financial. This is just an overview of the most common contracts we translate on a daily basis:

  • Investment agreements. People often want to invest in a company or accept the investment into their own business. This deal requires good contract translation services when both parties represent different countries.
  • International sales contracts. Making a sale comes with tons of documents, especially in an international arena. Get professionals to translate a contract for you.
  • Supply agreements. Such deals are usually long-term and have to be renewed yearly. All the more reasons to find worthy language experts with high expertise in this matter.
  • Letters of credit. Guaranteeing that someone deserves trust is a responsible task. It has unique financial terminology, and we’ll be glad to translate contract like this for you.
  • Franchise agreements. Let others produce products under your name while you get money for it! Ensure you choose proficient translators to adapt your international contract properly.
  • Joint venture agreements. Collaborating often helps increase stock and gain more profits. Solidify your deal by entering a reliable agreement — translators of TheWordPoint will do it justice.
  • Development agreements. Whatever type of deal you close, once you formulate your requests, relax. We’ll echo them flawlessly during translation service for contract.
  • International employment agreements. These days, it is common practice to hire people from other countries. But entering agreements with them could be difficult since you cannot do it without translators present. We would be honored to help you as we did with hundreds of previous clients.

Benefits You Will Access By Hiring Our Contract Translator

Our clients are eligible for numerous benefits that make their experience with us as smooth and lovely as humanly possible. We listed some of them below. Note that we have more offers at the table!

  • Diverse pool of translators. We work with more than 50 foreign languages, and we cover every possible industry. Business, creativity, marketing, personal use — you could get script translator or a medical expert. Outline your demands, and we’ll find an excellent specialist.
  • Affordable translation contracts prices. We charge about $0.15 per word when it comes to contracts. Depending on your chosen language pair, the price may be lower or a little higher. Either way, it’s affordable, and 10% will help you save up even more.
  • Human experts at work. We work only with humans. No translating machines take part in our work processes — you can see proof of it in a custom approach to your own project.
  • Developed glossaries. We apply special dictionaries that store our translation choice for the sets of the same phrases. This allows for synchronizing your orders. Imagine that your company provides a service with a specific name. Instead of translating it anew every time, we’ll use the initial translation. Such translations of contracts will cost you less, too!
  • Quick project delivery. We work swiftly. You can expect results in several hours if you seek extra urgency — otherwise, it may take a day or two.
  • Helpful customer support. Contact us anytime. Someone is online and willing to help whenever you require it — we shall answer your questions, craft a quick quote, and find the most fitting specialist.
We Guarantee Confidentiality

Safeguarding clients’ data is a vital part of our service. We keep it safe

Work with Any Format

Order help in whatever format you like — we cover almost them all

Bolster Your Business with Professionally Translated Contracts

If you require language assistance, you’ve just found a qualified and dedicated provider! We cater to every business: order book translation services if you’re a writer, help with medical labels as a nursing field expert, or get translation services for contract! We guarantee accuracy, speediness, and a friendly approach — all of this for low prices. Contact us now, gain a discount of 10%, and bask in the certainty that your translated contract will say exactly what it does in your own language!

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Contract translation

I have a small company. Back when I was just getting on my feet, I came across Thewordpoint and hired it for contract translation. I was so damn lucky! It translated the contract easily and even helped me communicate with my future business partner who was from India. I come back occasionally since then.

Contract translation

I needed a responsible third party that would do my contract translation as I needed it. I thank you, TheWordPoint, for the tremendous job you did on it! Everything went perfectly, every comma was respected and this contract was notarized with no problems. Your team has my gratitude!

Contract translation

So I hoped to start a business but I didn’t think I have to know languages… I don’t, this is not my thing. Every time I need contract translation I come here and get my help. Prices are a salvation after what I’ve seen and results are well worth it.

Contract translation

Like so many other entrepreneurs I couldn’t do contract translation on my own, I needed help from someone good for it. TheWordPoint was my second choice but it should have been my first. I know every company has its issues but this one never let me down yet! They know their stuff and it shows.

Contract translation

I just got my contract translation back. Guys, it looks perfect! I swear it sounds clearer than the original. I now want to make some edits to it because your translation gave me ideas for improvement, Didn’t expect it, thanks!

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Read More Reviews Get a Free Quote


How long does contract translation take?

While we support hot deadlines as much as we appreciate lengthy ones, the average pace of work is quick.  Depending on language combination and order size, we’ll require about 3–5 days for a contract.

Can you meet an urgent deadline?

Yes. We work quickly and strive to deliver speedy services to our clients. We'll gladly cover a project in several hours if you place an urgent order!

What is contract translation?

It is an adaptation of a contract between two or more parties that follows all legal and general language standards.

Is it important to hire a certified expert?

This depends on your necessities. Contracts usually require a certified specialist since they are delicate matter with a careful, individual approach.

Is it expensive to translate contracts?

The price for contracts translation differs. Our starting price is usually $.015 per word, provided that you pick business and commerce category.

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