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Portuguese isn’t the most popular language, but numerous business operations and personal contacts still involve it to a large degree, which results in the growing attention to it. Finding professional Portuguese translation services isn’t an easy task, especially considering how many agencies are competing for the right to be chosen by potential clients. The process of such translation requires a deep understanding of internal and external aspects of the target country, along with knowledge of dialects and differences between the regions where Portuguese is spoken.

Our legal translation agency has been functioning for years, earning a strong business reputation and expanding its client base. We cooperate with the best Portuguese specialists. So, if you want to enter negotiations with this country’s representatives, move there, apply for a job, or even simply translate personal letters, we will be more than willing to help you.

Portuguese Language Facts

Have you ever wondered about Portuguese as a language, without thinking of it in terms of business or personal purposes? Not many people show linguistic interest, but a surprising amount of them enjoy learning new things when they come their way. So, here are some facts that you could find intriguing.

Portuguese is spoken by close to 300 million people, which places it on the same level as French. French is promoted more actively, which is the reason why people may assume that Portuguese couldn’t compare in terms of popularity, but reality is different. Among all European languages, Portuguese takes third place. If we count native speakers only, it would be the sixth most common language in the world. Translation from Portuguese is mostly demanded by English speakers, which is reflected in the number of available agencies there. Such large countries as Portugal, Angola, and Brazil speak Portuguese, and it’s also extremely common in Latin America. In 2009, three new letters were included in it to accommodate a flood of English speakers, which makes translation more complex because older linguists or those who are only starting often grow confused. That’s why it’s vital to select such employees with great care, which is what our service does.

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What Our Portuguese Translator Services Include

We provide medical, financial, creative, government translations, etc., but it’s still far from being the only service our company offers. TheWordPoint cares about your needs, so we strive to prepare ourselves for facing all possible requests. During the years of our work, we’ve devised major services that form the core of our agency. The first is standard translation, like we’ve mentioned, while others entail the following.

You could order localization of your project. It means the adaptation of content in a way that maintains your original style 100%. No matter how accurate a translation is, it doesn’t reflect your tone, sense of humor, sarcasm, etc., while localization pays attention to each of these elements. We also provide Portuguese to English transcription services for a video or audio. The fourth point is voice-overs — if you dislike subtitles and want to add actual audio to a project, our experts could easily do it for you. There is also certified Portuguese translation services for those who need to get a seal of authenticity for dealing with immigration bodies like the National Immigrant Support Center. Finally, we propose proofreading as a separate service, so if you want to make your content absolutely flawless, we’ll find you, excellent assistants.

Portuguese Language Translation For Each Industry

Considering the number of people out there, there is an equally large amount of industries in which they operate. Our service has been actively developing for a long time, so we have linguists in every possible sector. It doesn’t matter how rare it is — we guarantee to cover it. Here are four major spheres we support.

  • Business and Finance. Due to the low living costs, it’s very easy to start a business in Portugal. Such a decision is accompanied by tons of paperwork that you’ll need to translate, spanning from marketing to legal and particularly financial spheres. We also offer accurate financial translation online, which is important since it could help make your business flourish.
  • Legal. Any legal procedures, such as marriage, immigration, or court hearings require experienced English to Portuguese translators. They have to understand laws, definitions, as well as differences in international concepts. Our service has a team of hand-picked experts like this.
  • Medical. Healthcare is such a universal concept that it will never lose its relevance. If you’re a nurse who wants to move between countries, a businessman who’s interested in a business contract with medical firms or hospitals, or a person wanting to access international treatment, you will require medical document translation services. Ours are among the most popular in the US!
  • Technical. Difficult terminology, a more official and dryer style, and other intricacies are a part of this sector. Technical translations are our fort, so specify the exact topic you need.

Range of Benefits You Get

Quality Portuguese translations aren’t the only thing you can count on when hiring us. We developed plenty of other advantages. Check the list below to find out what you’ll be getting.

  • Affordable and stable prices. We keep prices for our services mild, making them as affordable to you as possible. For instance, the cost for a translation from English to Portuguese starts at $0.10 per word. Portuguese to English combination is worth the same amount.
  • Attentive support. We remain online 24/7, so contact us whenever and get an answer within one minute. Each operator has undergone thorough communication training, so they won’t waste your time in vain. Feel free to ask them any questions.
  • Trained specialists. We hire exclusively those people who received education in relevant spheres and whose experience has at least several years of successful work. Our tests help ensure that amateurs don’t make the cut while those who do keep undergoing extensive training. Some specialize in Brazilian Portuguese, others work with different dialects. Our service follows strict quality control.
  • A pleasing after-care package. In case you feel your Portuguese translator didn’t do a good job, ask for a revision — it is a free part of our service. If a problem is deeper, refund option is available, so you’ll receive back each cent you’ve paid.

What About Confidentiality?

Certified translation from Portuguese to English is a process that requires you to share your data, some of which could be sensitive. Numerous customers express their concerns about it, and it is perfectly understandable. No one would like to endanger their safety and risk the exposure of something they’d prefer to keep secure. With TheWordPoint, you receive every guarantee that something like this won’t ever happen. We stick to the laws of privacy that safeguard your interests, and it binds every one of our employees by making them incapable of acting against you without severe repercussions. In addition, our system is developed in a way that gives only several people access to your files. They are trustworthy and their professionalism has withstood a test of time.

Guarantee Your Success with Our Portuguese Translation Company

We have no hidden costs or drawbacks that could unexpectedly hinder your satisfaction with us. Browse our website, find the answers you need, contact our support team in case of more questions, and then place your order. Indicate the details and relax because we are going to cover them all. We value each of our clients, and as you can see from above, we work hard on making our Portuguese document translation perfect. Try our services and see for yourself!

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