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Birth certificate translation services by certified human translators to any language. USCIS acceptance, high quality and fast delivery are guaranteed.

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Certified Birth Certificate Translation Services

People engage in various international operations, moving to other countries, traveling, buying property, or entering legal contracts. Every such action must be accompanied by a set of documents proving one’s identity, workplace, income, clean medical and police records, etc. Birth certificate is necessary most often because it confirms that you are who you say you are. Thus, the need for certified birth certificate translation services occurs.

The problem is, it could be difficult to find professionals who would provide a certified level of translation that would rid you of all potential problems. TheWordPoint is a company with spotless reputation, which is why so many people choose its services. We have a team of talented and certified translators who do an accurate and reliable job every time.

When Certified Translation of Birth Certificate is Required

The reasons why our certified translation service exists are to help people interact with other cultures, spread their business, and study abroad. Birth certificate is among standard documents that allow doing that on an official level. Here are some situations explaining where you might require it.

  • To prove citizenship. When you move to another country, you are likely to stand out. Having a copy of translated birth certificate at hand means that you’ll protect yourself from any scrutiny of legal representatives, proving what city you’re registered in.
  • To apply for positions. Even employers from your own country could ask for birth certificate when evaluating all CVs they receive. English is an international language, so be certain to have a copy close by.
  • To qualify for public benefits. Regardless of the country, when applying for official benefits, you should submit or at least show your birth document. The positive answer won’t be given unless you present certified copy.
  • To register for school. Most students who plan on visiting foreign schools are excited by change, but it’s important not to forget that without properly translated birth record, your candidature will be rejected.
  • To obtain a driver’s license. Similarly, before a translation of driver's license, when you obtain or renew it, you should prove your ID along with your place of residence with the help of birth certificate.
  • To get married or divorced. Such fundamental activities also require birth certificate. Sometimes, you might be granted divorce without it, but when getting married, its presence is vital.
  • To obtain a passport. Issuing or re-issuing passport heavily relies on certificate of birth. To avoid delays or other complications, you should have its copy done by language expert.
  • To prove age. It’s more difficult to forge a birth document, which is why many authorities demand to see it in questionable situations.
Internationally Certified Experts

Our professionals meet international certification standards for accurate and reliable translations.

Human Translation Only

At TheWordPoint, we only offer human translations from experienced and certified native speakers.

Reasons to Choose Experienced Service

It’s rare when service can provide an official birth certificate translation. Our company is among services that possess all necessary certifications. Conversion of any document to another language is complicated task. Firstly, any text should be certified because otherwise, it is unlikely to be accepted by organizations you’re applying to. Secondly, there are special terminology, stable expressions, and unique phrases that should be localized in accordance with all specifics of target languages.

Only professional linguists can do it, which is exactly whom TheWordPoint hires. We have strong reputation in this market, with years of experience and hundreds of loyal customers. Mistakes could be expensive and timely, so avoid them by hiring certified services and succeed with your submission after the first attempt.

Why Should Translation Be Certified?

Some people ask for services for unofficial reasons. They are interested in localization of their favorite story, letters, or family’s personal papers. When we are talking about birth certificate translation service, its functions fall into the category of official documents. The importance here increases along with the severity of consequences people face for making any mistake.

The legal sector is harsh: it requires the highest degree of accuracy and proof that legal document translation is valid. Only people who underwent special training and received certification themselves can certify as well as verify a document. After it is done, you won’t face difficulties with successfully submitting your documents for relevant establishments’ evaluation.

Peculiarities of Birth Certificate Translation for USCIS

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is the organization that helps immigrants become US citizens. It has a list of requirements that must be met, with the presentation of your birth certificate, original and translated version both, being among them. You must prove your age, indicate your city of origin, spend 5 years as a US resident, and understand English, among other demands. Immigration is a complex process, but many of these mentioned demands will be met by submitting your birth certificate as well as its verified translated variant. Just make sure this copy you get is truly certified.

Translating Process and Its Stages

Birth certificate translations don’t take much time when they are done by professionals, but they still entail several specific processes. This is how employees at our service do their work.

  • They explore client’s request, check certificate, study target country’s requirements for making certain they haven’t changed.
  • The process itself takes place, with an expert adapting certain phrases as well as expressions to a target language.
  • An editor studies received document, making some additions if they are warranted or asking for changes.
  • The final copy is formatted and certified in accordance with international regulations.

Reasonable Prices as Another Point of Encouragement

We are concerned about satisfying all requirements our customers have, including their financial worries. That’s why we have developed a system of prices that pleases both employees and clients alike. The cost per word starts at $0.14 and considering a rather short length of birth certificate, you’ll manage to save up while still receiving quality assistance.

100% Confidentiality Guaranteed

Personal information and data provided by every client is protected and never shared with third parties.

Ability to Work with a Variety of Formats

No matter what kind of document you need translated, we can meet your formatting needs.

Use TheWordPoint and Reap the Benefits

Our service always strives to meet clients’ instructions, so if you’d like to order birth or marriage certificate translation services, technical help, or transcript translation, we will help you. Our customer support is available 24/7, and our order form is intuitive, so placing a request is easy. Contact us now, provide project details and let yourself relax. Know that we won’t let you down. When translating birth certificates, we’re paying utmost attention to all regulations, both on local and international levels.

Types of certified translation services we provide

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Can you translate your own birth certificate for USCIS?

No, unfortunately, you can’t. It must be certified by an expert and it might be in line with USCIS requirements. Hire a professional if you want everything done properly.

How much do you charge for online birth certificate translation?

The price starts at $0.14 for one word. It varies based on several factors, including extra services and deadlines. So, provide your requirements and see how much it’ll cost. Birth certificate done by our service isn’t expensive.

Who will translate birth certificate for me?

We have a wide range of excellent specialists who graduated from known unis and received one of relevant certifications. One of them is going to take your project.

Can you keep the same format?

Sure, it isn’t a problem. We include formatting as a part of our services, so all you have to do is to let us know which format to follow and whether any adjustment will be needed.

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Birth Certificates

I moved to Russia a few months ago and applied to various jobs. I was luckily accepted at a manufacturing company as a secretary but as a foreigner, they needed my birth certificate to prove my identity. I had TheWordPoint translate my birth certificate to Russian for this purpose and now I have a full time job at this company. Thanks for a job well done!

Birth Certificates

My daughter was accepted in Seoul University as a Math major and she’s moving to Korea in a month. We needed to have her educational and personal documents like birth certificates translated for her admission, and TheWordPoint provided us excellent services for these. Thanks a lot!

Birth Certificates

My fiance and I are getting married next month and will be permanently living in Germany. For our move and marriage we needed to have our birth certificates translated to complete the entire process and to verify our identity. Thanks to TheWordPoint we were able to avail quality translation services at such a fair price!

Birth Certificates

My son petitioned for me to live with him in Switzerland and one of the requirements to prove my citizenship as a Filipino is to have a copy of my birth certificate. We needed a translator who could certify Swiss translations of my birth certificate and luckily TheWordPoint is just the right agency to go to. I will recommend them to more of my friends for sure!

Birth Certificates

I was accepted as an exchange student in Norway for 3 years. They needed my birth certificate as a proof of my citizenship during the registration process and they required for the birth certificate to be in Norwegian. A professor introduced me to TheWordPoint and they were such gems to work with!

Birth Certificates

After 10 years of marriage, my Spanish husband and I decided to get divorced. To process our divorce, I needed to submit birth certificates to the Spanish government. TheWordPoint helped me translate my birth certificate with accompanying professional certification from English to Spanish. Thanks for the professional work!

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