USCIS Certified Translation Services for Immigration

USCIS certified translation services provided by our agency guarantee the acceptance of your documents to USCIS and other immigration organizations. Our certified translators provide accurate translation accompanied by sign and stamped if required.

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USCIS Certified Translation Services For Applicants

Thousands of people all over the world decide to immigrate, choosing the US as their destination. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is a center you’d have to cooperate with to receive citizenship approval. Lots of documents should be prepared and submitted. The best USCIS certified translation services can assist you with it.

You won’t be able to translate your own documents even if your English is excellent. Only experts who are familiar with USCIS requirements and have the power to certify documents could do it. The question is, where to find them? TheWordPoint employs the best translators in this industry. Their expertise has survived the tests of time and countless orders, so trust them to cope with their job on the highest quality level.

Internationally Certified Experts

Our professionals meet international certification standards for accurate and reliable translations.

Human Translation Only

At TheWordPoint, we only offer human translations from experienced and certified native speakers.

Why Hire Only the Best USCIS Translation Services?

When faced with a choice, many immigrants wonder why they should ask an official service for assistance, considering how many independent and smaller companies are operating within this market. The thing is, if you’re interested in divorce decree translation or certified translation of birth certificate to send to USCIS, you need someone who’ll follow the requirements set by this agency. Not everyone has the authority and knowledge to do it.

Our translators are certified by ATA and have years of solid experience. We cooperate with all major international institutions dealing with immigration, including U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Placing an order with our service means that we take whole responsibility for accuracy, timeliness, and validity of documents. Our employees understand all intricacies, from terminology and terms to adaptation of text to special USCIS-developed guidelines. Moreover, every client receives a certificate of translation accuracy when ordering USCIS translation from us. It’s always better to succeed as well as gain acceptance the first time.

Certify Translations Before Sending Them to USCIS

As many of our customers, you might be wondering why people need certified translation for USCIS in the first place if this organization is going to check and verify it all over again anyway. There are several reasons for it. For one thing, USCIS accepts only certified immigration translation. If there is no quality stamp on your applications, they’ll be automatically rejected because it breaks USCIS’ regulations. Secondly, what USCIS certified translators and USCIS specialists do are two different things, even though they have some common aspects. Yes, they both verify the authenticity, but it covers various spheres. Language experts are responsible for the process only, offering assurance that no mistakes have been made in the meanings of copy and original. USCIS focuses on the actual document — they operate by assuming that a document copy is flawless. That’s why you require them both.

What USCIS Document Translation Is Needed?

If you are just starting the whole immigration preparation process, you might be confused as to which documents should be sent for USCIS translations. Look at the list below: we try to explain which papers and why are important, based on experience of our service.

  • Birth certificates. This is an essential document people should provide when undergoing an USCIS check. It specifies basic relevant data about them and lets experts compare it against their other files for authenticity purposes. Even a small error could hinder an approval verdict, which is why you need to hire professional service.
  • Marital status certificates. Whether you are married, divorced, or unattached, your marital status is important. Don’t forget about such files and convert them to English language.
  • Academic documents. Anything connected to your academic performance must be provided. Our service follows all USCIS translation requirements. There is a particular emphasis placed on these records by USCIS, especially for immigrating students who want to enter an American college.
  • Job certifications. If a person has had even one official job in their life, they must provide proof of it for USCIS. People who held important job positions are valued particularly highly, but hard workers are appreciated as well. It means that if you have any work experience, include a document proving it. We’ll handle it with care, so USCIS’ acceptance is guaranteed.
  • Death certificates. This requirement is especially important for individuals who intend to immigrate along with their partners or family members. USCIS wants to know all facts about your background, so if you lost someone from your family, obtain official confirmation. Once again, our accurate service will be thorough in its practices, meeting all demands USCIS poses in this regard.

Prices and Deadlines We Offer

Another point our potential clients should consider when choosing the best USCIS translation service to use is connected with prices and guarantees. TheWordPoint service strives to keep charges to a minimum, which is why we’re known as one of the most affordable agencies. With us, you could receive your completed document starting with $0.14 for one word. Note that it doesn’t affect the effectiveness of our service.

We have strict quality control regulations that allow us to monitor performance of every linguist we employ. Only professional Ph.D. graduates are hired, and they know the true value of deadlines. They’d never let you down, so expect your order to be delivered by the date you specified.

More Quality Control Facts

TheWordPoint treats its hiring practices with utmost seriousness and an ultimate sense of responsibility. We make sure to test and check the potential workers repeatedly because we are concerned about quality we provide our clients with. All USCIS translators have relevant education degrees as well as certificates proving that they understand the international guidelines and are capable of following them.

Moreover, we have editors and proofreaders who double-check everything to eliminate the slightest flaws. Mistakes do happen, but for such instances, we have a money-back guarantee. You could also ask for revisions. All these options protect you from numerous risk factors, giving you a security promise.

100% Confidentiality Guaranteed

Personal information and data provided by every client is protected and never shared with third parties.

Ability to Work with a Variety of Formats

No matter what kind of document you need translated, we can meet your formatting needs.

Get Your Perfect USCIS Translation

If you are worried about submitting anything to US Citizenship and Immigration Services, we’ve got you covered. Our specialists know all rules and regulations of this agency, so they would never betray your trust or let you down. Explore our website, learn about our terms along with offers, and start a chat if you have any additional questions. In case you require a marriage certificate or a set of all documents altogether, complete an order form online. We provide the best certified translation services for USCIS, so with our help, you won’t have any paperwork worries left.

Types of certified translation services we provide

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Do translations for USCIS need to be notarized?

In most cases, no, notarization isn’t needed. USCIS has cancelled this requirement a while ago. But there might be exceptions in certain cases, so if you want to be absolutely sure, better contact this center’s representatives and clarify it.

Can you translate your own documents for USCIS?

No, you cannot, even if you hold an English major. Document must be certified by an independent authoritative party, which is something TheWordPoint can provide.

Do I need hard copies or digital copies for USCIS?

To avoid any conflicts or misunderstandings, it’s better to prepare your documents in both formats at once. Electronic versions will be stored for several years while hard copies are required at the initial stages of your application processing.

Who can translate documents for USCIS?

USCIS certified language specialists do that since they hold an official recognition of their professionalism and knowledge of various relevant immigration guidelines. You can find such specialists at TheWordPoint.

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USCIS Certified Translation Services

I was permanently transferred to our company’s Texas main office for work. While preparing my immigration documents, I missed out on getting my Italian birth certificate translated to English. With the help of TheWordPoint who are certified USCIS translators, I was able to get my birth certificate authenticated and translated with care. Thank you!

USCIS Certified Translation Services

You don’t need to look elsewhere if you are looking for a certified translation service that will help you prepare your immigration documents in accordance with the USCIS guidelines. TheWordPoint has them all laid out for you and will guide you through out all your document translations. Thank you for all the help!

USCIS Certified Translation Services

I was thoroughly impressed by TheWordPoint’s help in translating my immigration documents. Not only did they translate, but they also pointed out certain areas that the USCIS are concerned with regards to foreign immigrants. I certainly wouldn’t have known this without their help!

USCIS Certified Translation Services

There are translators and there are certified translators like TheWordPoint who not only translate but make their translations fit in the format and method required by the USCIS. They made sure my documents are properly translated, certified and accepted by the USCIS. I owe them a big deal for such great service!

USCIS Certified Translation Services

I did not know there were specific translation guidelines required by the USCIS in terms of immigration documents of foreigners entering the country. I almost had my documents translated by a person I know until I stumbled upon TheWordPoint who was so kind as to explain to me all the legalities of the USCIS. Thank you for the great help!

USCIS Certified Translation Services

I am helping my husband process his immigration to follow me to Los Angeles. I’ve asked around and my colleagues have unanimously recommended TheWordPoint as their go-to translation service for their own families’ documents. I was able to avail of their excellent services at very affordable rates. It was such a treat!

USCIS Certified Translation Services

We knew that immigration to the US was not easy and that we had to undergo rigorous processes for us to get through. Things became a lot easier in terms of getting our documents translated from French because of TheWordPoint who was so attentive of our needs and the USCIS requirements. Thank you!

USCIS Certified Translation Services

My colleague and I are migrating to work as nurses in California. We did not know much about the requirements needed to process our documents especially when our original personal documents are not in English. TheWordPoint’s friendly web-design allowed us to easily see how their service encompass not only translations, but making sure translations on immigration documents meet USCIS standards. Thank you so much!

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