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Countries and brands throughout the automobile manufacturing world compete fiercely for customer loyalty as well as the need to bring in new customers. In fact, automotive manufacturing is among the most competitive global industries. As a result, any automobile manufacturer that wants their vehicles to rise to the top in this dog-eat-dog world of marketing will certainly need to clearly communicate the best features in the vehicles they produce. So they will need precise automotive translation services for marketing purposes alone.

Not only that, car manufacturers require the most fluent and precise automotive translations when communicating current electronic advancements in engineering instructions between countries.

This is no surprise because customers’ expectations are getting higher all the time when it comes to ideal motor vehicle features.

Here are some of the features customers are looking for when making vehicle purchases:

  • The latest makes and models with cutting edge technologies
  • Readily available personalized services for the vehicles they purchase. One example is a driver’s seat that immediately adjusts to an individual’s comfort level.
  • The most popular creature comforts and conveniences

Other technological advancements that show some demand are:

  • More convenient electric cars
  • Self-driving cars

According to a 2016 Investopedia article, six countries are known to be the most prolific automobile manufacturers in the world.

  • China
  • United States
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • South Korea
  • India

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Automotive Translation Services

We can assume that when a particular country produces a motor vehicle of some kind, the first instructions to assemble it will be in the native language of the manufacturing country. Based on that manufacturer’s knowledge of how that vehicle was assembled, the manufacturer will publish an owner’s manual so that whoever buys that car model will understand how to operate and maintain it. The manufacturer will most likely first publish an owner’s manual in the home country’s native language first. Then the owner’s manual must be translated into the languages of the other countries receiving that car.

Here are a few other documents that will most likely need translation in the global automotive market:

  • Training documents
  • Engineering guides
  • Shop repair manuals

Let’s take the example of U.S. vehicle exports to South Korea. As it turns out, according to The Maritime Executive, President Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in signed a trade agreement in September of 2018 with the purpose of increasing the number of cars that could be exported from the U.S. to South Korea.

With an increased number of cars being exported from the U.S. to South Korea, it is clear that there will be a considerable need for translation of owner’s manuals originally written in English to be translated into Korean to accommodate the average vehicle owner in South Korea. When translating the English version of the owner’s manual, it is important that the automotive translation provide the South Korean vehicle owner with the same understandable instructions that U.S. owners enjoy. The Word Point can meet that need by providing automotive translation services from English to Korean.

The detailed provisions of the newest trade deal between the U.S. and South Korea may include the need for more automotive translation services.

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Challenges for automotive translation

In the global automotive industry, some issues arise when an automobile manufacturer in one country has a complicated manufacturing process that involves more than one country. As the production process crosses borders, and possibly oceans, with various car parts produced in other countries, the languages involved in the process can also change.

In this kind of multinational manufacturing process, it is of the utmost importance that product documentation be very clear and effective. If that documentation requires translating service from one language to another, that translation should be as precise as possible, especially in an industry where safety is the highest priority, such as the automotive industry.

Additionally, the translator must have a strong understanding of grammatical and other differences between languages and be constantly mindful of them. In the automotive industry, having a translator that not only understands the subtleties in translating between languages in which he/she is certifiably fluent, but also has a firm grasp of automotive technology, is a huge benefit in this process. This is especially true when performing automotive translations between languages that have radically different written characters.

If you are looking for automotive translation services for your global automobile manufacturing business, The Word Point has the knowledgeable professional resources you need to ensure the most precise automotive translation possible.

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