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Translation services online are getting more and more popular nowadays. The reason is that every sphere of life, whether it is business, study, travel or communication, sooner or later brings you to an international level. Conclusion of a business agreement on a foreign market, study or work in another country, communication with foreigners, desire to move to a foreign country require the assistance of professional services.

TheWordPoint is a company with years of experience in language translations. Our experts are ready to quickly and accurately localize all necessary documents or any type of text into more than 50 languages. We have cooperated with different customers all over the world. Among them are students, bloggers, book authors, lawyers who became our return clients or partners as they are satisfied with high standards, prices, delivery as well as total impression of our services.

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Why Use TheWordPoint

The ability to communicate with native speakers or having rich vocabulary, unfortunately, will not qualify any person as a script translator, for example. When one needs a perfect text, getting help from an authorized service is inevitable as it is not sound to sacrifice quality. Such online translation companies pay much attention to several crucial features of the text while converting it into a foreign language.

Firstly, they take into account the style and purpose of a document. If this is a legal topic or manual, technical instruction, it’s worth trusting us. Secondly, human translation service is usually carried out in several stages. A certain document might require usage of specific terms or specific words, which are agreed with every client. Then there goes direct work with inclusion of these terms. Finally, text is read and proofread by editor to make final adjustments. One should not underestimate assistance from a professional company when dealing with important documentation.

Human Translation Services in Any Language

Accuracy and quality are among main things that this company is popular among clients. The key to our success is human-powered translations. It means that all projects and documents that we receive from our customers are handled by humans. Of course, we use machine memory as it helps complete the work faster, but in the end, every sentence is double-checked by human translators. They are well-read and educated professionals with high expertise in various fields and industries. Our employees are located all over the world and are representatives of different languages and cultures that allows them to do their job accurately.

Machine intelligence has made a big leap forward but it is not qualified enough to do 100% correct translations. We believe that only human is able to provide the most explicit localization of any text. They do not just see letters and words but understand intention, context, need, and tone of voice. That’s why it’s important to entrust your project to human experts who will put their heart and soul into it. So, when in need of a language specialist, turn to our human translation service.

Benefits of Language Translation Services

When choosing a language translation agency, you are looking for an organization working with which would be as simple as possible. Why waste time, nerves, effort, money, if you can immediately contact us. We’ve tried to organize the work in such a way that it’s easy and convenient to cooperate with us. With every order clients get:

  • Fast delivery - a project can be completed within a short deadline with the quality intact. This is a useful feature if you’re in a hurry. Quality will never suffer because of urgency!
  • Low Prices - our company offers the most affordable prices for human translation services on the market that start only from $0.05 for one word that depends on assistance type, expertise in a certain industry, urgency, and package you choose.
  • Certification Standards - All employees go through a long process of certification as we accept ATA, BDÜ, NAJIT, APTS, ITIA.
  • Simple Ordering Process - just press “translate now” button, fill in your order form, attach file in any format - the rest is on us. You may also get a free quote if there are any doubts.

Who Does Professional Translation Online

We provide only human translating services. All our employees are real people with specialized education, obtain master’s and Ph.D. degrees, have deep knowledge in various spheres. They pass a serious application as well as certification processes before they can take any project and actually work with us. If quick assistance is what you are looking for, we’ve got your back! There are experts, available 24/7, ready to help even in the middle of the night.

Their expertise allows them to handle any type of document starting from driver license, patent, and finishing with police clearance. To improve quality, our agency cooperates with native speakers who are practicing lawyers, doctors, financiers, pharmacists, engineers, and other specialists who act as consultants and have high proficiency levels. They are happy to help each client with medical translation services or business translation services and are determined to find the most effective approach to the execution of your order.

Can You Receive Certified Translation

Our professional translation service company is among the largest providers of certified services all over the world. We serve hundreds of clients daily who need help with various documents like marriage, immigration, legal, and other personal documents prepared for different public institutions. All standards are followed so you will not be questioned that something is done wrong or missing.

People come to us because of fast turnaround, attractive prices, and excellent customer support. Company takes language translation very seriously, as we are aware that many clients depend on quality and accuracy. Our projects are 100% accurate, so guaranteed to be accepted by the USCIS.

Types of Documents We Handle

We are a company that provides various services and ready to assist with any document. We have the right expert for your project and can handle legal documents, webpages, mobile apps, software, journal articles, business documentation, technical manuals, biographies, application letters, books, government translation services, video games. So, whatever kind of company you are looking for, just rely on our website to receive timely and accurate human translation.

Is it Safe to Use Human Translator Service?

Our service is completely confidential. Information and data received from a client are protected by our Privacy Policy and won’t be shared with third parties. We completely value your privacy. Moreover, language translation of each official document can be accompanied by an affidavit which outlines when it was undertaken, attests to its accuracy, and states for whom it was written.

Big Steps to Your Global Success

Language services provided by our website mean competence, responsibility, and quality in every aspect of project. Our platform works for you to remove language barriers with more than 50 countries, and this list is constantly expanding. We are ready to take on even the most complex tasks, providing high-quality results and high-quality assistance. You can be sure of our professionalism, developed over the years, and built on trust of our return customers on a global scale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are language translations services?

These are text-based services that presuppose the conversion of text into a new language. It is done by experts in certain industries or subjects.

  • What to consider while choosing a language service provider?

Before hiring an agency one should consider their certifications, employees’ background, industry focus, turnaround time, delivery methods, and price range.

  • Ask about guarantees they give, too.​ How do you price human translators’ service?

Price starts from $0.05 per word. It depends on service type, urgency of project, type of language expert, industry expertise, or extras you may add.

  • What are the types of online translation services?

There are eight different types that include technical, judicial, scientific, financial, legal, and juridical conversion to another language. We assist individuals, organizations, and businesses with a variety of services that among basic ones also include proofreading and localization.

Industry Expertise

We offer a wide range of translation services for all your needs. Whether it's a personal content, academic or business papers – you will get an expert help for any kind of translation! Just pick the service!

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