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Translation as a Service – No Longer an Option

Globalization. It’s upon us. From international e-commerce, which now accounts for 30% of all online sales, to the need to translate highly technical and medical publications and journals into several languages, translation services are in high demand and a critical necessity.

Businesses, organizations, non-profits, scientific communities, and more all have need for professional translators. Their options are to try to locate individual translators for each language, spend time with screening and interviewing and checking backgrounds and experience, or to streamline the process by contracting these services out to professionals. What the vast majority of companies and organizations have discovered is that, once a trustworthy translation service is found, they can turn over all of their projects in confidence that they will be expertly completed within the time frame given.

The Word Point – Excellence in Every Word

The Word Point is just such a company. We have built our reputation over time, gradually, as we accumulated a staff that is second-to-none. We are now able to assume any translation or localization needs a client may have. Our translators and proofreaders are expert linguists and as well in possession of specific expertise in the topic area or industry niche of the project. If you need high-quality foreign language translation - go on reading.


Each of our clients has unique needs, and our business model is that of a partnership between us, our clients and the translator completing the task. When a client arrives with a project, we discuss it and then assign the most appropriate translator for the needed expertise. Additional work includes a separate proofreader once the task is complete, so that even small errors can be caught and corrected. We deliver an impeccable document, website text, and it is right the first time.

Our Translators

The work we do is only as good as the translators we employ for translation. We have a rigorous screening and employment process for our staff, that includes the following:

  • Verifiable previous projects that are first-rate
  • Formal training in the profession
  • Qualifications in their niches – medicine, law, e-commerce, arts, business/finance, academic, etc.
  • Completion of a project of our choosing
  • Certifications as required for highly specified niches, such as medicine and law

Our translators only work in their native languages in which they have grown up and been educated. As a team, they represent more than 100 languages and over 70 business and professional sectors.

Layers and Options

We have several layers, levels, and options for professional language translation services and pricing is based upon the level of complexity and length of the project and the required expertise of the translator to be assigned.

Another factor in pricing of online translation services, of course, is the time frame parameters. We are happy to assume very urgent projects and have the ability to assign a team of experts to work together, if necessary.


Because of the numbers and diversity of professional translators, we are able to cover most any industry sector and offer help with probably all online translation services.

Tourism: Clients need multilingual websites in order for their customers to plan their business and leisure travel

Software/Tech Products: Adaptation for localization

Medical: Masterful translation and transcriptions by educated professionals

Banking/Financial Industries: Translation must be fully accurate in order to avoid any mis-understandings of very sensitive and complex information

Business and Retail Markets: Localization, document translation services, and more

Technical Manufacturing and Engineering: Translation by professionals with background in specific industries

Education: Accurate translation of educational materials and texts, as well as content for online educational institutions

Law: Translators with backgrounds in the law in their native countries. Legal translations cannot be left to amateurs

If you are looking for translation services that have the expertise, personalization, trustworthiness and commitment to client satisfaction, The Word Point will be your top choice. We are the best translation service and we can prove it!

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