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Professional German translation services provide fast and accurate English to German translations of documents in any industry. Certified German localization services by expert translators.

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Today, the German language is widely spoken in the whole world. Apart from Germany, people from Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria, Liechtenstein speak it. These countries are good for business, emigration, or traveling. If you plan such activities, you may need your official papers provided by professional German translation services. If people want to work or live in a German-speaking country, they should have many documents, certificates, and official papers. Our services are always there to help with a translation of any difficulty in any industry.

Best Company for German Translations

Our service is the best choice for you because we do everything to ensure high-quality, fast, affordable services. Here are features which make us the best company:

  • Localization services. We don’t just translate but also localize an advertisement, website, or manual. That means we make it suitable for the target audience, their beliefs, culture, as well as way of speaking.
  • Certified specialists. Our experts go through a long process of certification and training. They can work with official documents of any difficulty. They possess a variety of certifications, including BDU, which is especially helpful if you translate into German.
  • Human experts. We never use machines to translate your documents. Our certified German specialists are humans who can handle any texts. Having human experts is important because machines are still imperfect and can make many costly mistakes.
  • Native speakers. We have native speakers from more than 50 countries, including German-speaking ones. Our German document translation services give the best quality, that’s why we hire native specialists who understand how people speak in their target country.
  • Industry experts. Experts in many fields like marketing, medical, or legal industry provide accurate and to-the-point word choices for your text. If you have a technical text, we will provide a technical expert for your needs, etc.

Certified German Translation Services for Every Industry

Our specialists help any industry. Be sure that professionals in the field handle your official papers. They provide leading German services for advertising, marketing campaigns, certified documents like marriage, divorce, birth certificates. Also, we work with driving licenses, business, accounting or audit data, technical manuals, etc.

German Document Translation for Business

Many people work in the business industry, as it is one of the most popular spheres of activities worldwide. New startups appear every day, big companies go global. Without business translation online, abroad operations are impossible. Our German-speaking business experts are ready for translating quarterly or annual reports as well as other audits, accounting documents. Also, we deal with Articles of incorporation or Non-disclosure agreements which are essential for activity in Germany. If you have a lot of employees, Employee handbook translation to German may be important for you. For abroad operation, we recommend having Shareholder agreements, Bylaws, Terms of service in German.

Certified German Translations for Legal Documents

Legal documents are hard to handle for people who don’t know the legal sphere “from the inside.” That is why our German translators with legal backgrounds are the best choice. They know all specific terms of legal papers, so they always deliver accurate results. They certify your German papers, so you never have problems with authorities. If you immigrate to a German-speaking country, choose certified translation of divorce, birth, and marriage certificates, criminal background checks, VISA application, adoption agreements. Immigration documents that need USCIS approval are a must. For professionals in legal sphere, such documents as court transcriptions, case reports, consent forms are necessary. Some people go to study or do science projects in Germany. Often, they need certified records of their academic achievements like high school and college transcripts.

Best German Services for Technical Sphere

Such a service is useful if you have materials that deal with technical or scientific subjects. Such papers usually have specific terms, so using the help of professionals is a great idea. An expert in our translation service who has a background in the scientific field carefully translates, proofreads, and checks the quality of your document. User manuals, software strings, patents, manufacturing standards are essential papers for the technical industry. Working with specifications, test methods, and system requirements are some of our specializations. Give your technical documentation a go with our English to German translators.

Fast and Accurate German Government Translation

Government sphere is enormous and has a massive flow of documents between departments every day. This sphere includes social services, medical institutions, education, budget, security, and law. Sure, their documents have definite forms and terminology. Trust government translations company and hire language expert who is a professional in the field. Our services deal with public and social sectors. Also, we do German government translation and localization of any documents. They require knowledge of cultural norms and laws.

Localization for Advertising

Worldwide advertising is a must for companies who want to enter the German market. There are some difficulties and implications when it comes to marketing materials, commercials, printed ads, company website. It’s impossible to translate them word for word, because they may sound funny, ridiculous, or inappropriate in a target language. Even such giants as Coca-Cola failed their marketing campaigns due to a lack of localization. Don’t repeat such mistakes and localize your advertising. Our company has German native speakers with marketing experience who adjust your text to the target audience, retain jokes, add collocations, and make it sound natural for German ear.

What Differs Us from Competitors?

We provide benefits that many companies in the market don’t have. First, we use only human experts, not machines. Only a live person can ensure the best quality, careful proofreading, and quality checks of your texts. Our accuracy is one of main benefits which makes our customers come back to us. Glossary memory tools are another advantage, as their help lets us perform fast, reliable service. These tools contain the most recent and up-to-date word combinations as well as terminology. That makes our English to German translation service popular. We deliver texts quickly for affordable translating rates, which is a rarity among our competitors.

We Care About Your Confidentiality

Our service is secure, confidential, and reliable. A strong Privacy Policy forbids to hand in any information to the third party, which means any person or document details are safe. We do not distribute your phone number or email to any companies, so no one ever bothers you with cold messages. Your contact data is used for communication only.

Choose Our German to English Translation Services

Our company provides reliable, fast, secure, high-quality service. Our native-speaking specialists have experience in various industries. They include advertising, and business sphere, as well as legal and technical documents. We also provide government service for information technology, law, medical, budget, education, or social spheres. Our team provides localization services and certification by German specialists. Our secure, confidential, and high-quality service is fast and reliable. Choose the best prices, accuracy, and fast delivery with our services.



What is the cost of English to German translation?

The cost depends on word count and urgency of your project. Also, the type of text and certifications may influence the work done by English to German translator. We have affordable rates that are calculated for words, not pages, which lets you save money.

Which file formats do you work with?

We work with almost all existing document formats. You may be sure that when you name a document type, we will have corresponding format and deliver it fast and with ease.

How fast can you translate to German?

The service can be as fast as you want. We understand that you may have deadlines for your German documents, so we will do our best to meet them. Using a team of German experts, we can deliver texts at any speed.

How much time do you need to translate a German document?

Usually, our specialists deliver 2 to 8 thousand words a day, so time depends on the length of a text. Still, you can order a faster service. We will always provide specialists to meet your needs.

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German Translation

I make tech review contents on YouTube and plan on expanding my reach globally. I availed of TheWordPoint’s translation and subtitling services to put German subtitles on my weekly videos. I also found out that they specialize in many other language translations. Would definitely engage them for more of my translation needs.

German Translation

TheWordPoint doesn’t fail in providing us with fast and reliable translations for our company. We needed professionals to translate our personnel documents to German for a business trip. We have 30 personnel documents for translation and they were able to work on them quicker than we imagined! Thanks for the fast turnover and quality service!

German Translation

Our team was hired to do an external operational audit of a company in Germany. We were examining prior year’s workpapers as references, however, most of them are in German. Our partners recommended TheWordPoint to get professional and reliable technical translations. They definitely delivered, and at such a good price too! Thank you so much! I will keep coming back!

German Translation

We needed to send some contracts and proposals to a German engineer who was coming to examine and install specialized parts in our power plant. The proposal included technical scope of his work and rates, and we needed the translation for the contract to be as clear as possible. TheWordPoint gave us everything we wanted for the translation. It was a job well done. Thanks a lot!

German Translation

We are a company who provides medical equipment to hospitals all over the world. We wanted to market our new state-of-the-art medical equipment in Switzerland through our in-depth marketing and promotions. Given that our marketing materials are in English, we asked TheWordPoint to translate our materials to German so that our prospective clients would find it easier to check our products. Our deal went well! Thanks guys!

German Translation

We have various dealings with global clients as a supplier of lime powder. One of our clients asked for a company of our Articles of Incorporation and By-laws so we had to translate those from their original English text to German. Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws are very technical texts in nature, but TheWordPoint made sure that everything is translated properly. It was such a great experience working with them.

German Translation

My son was born in the Philippines and we are planning to move to Luxembourg permanently next month. His birth certificates are all in English and to ease the process of entering and living in the country, we needed to have his birth certificate translated to German before we entered the country. I saw that TheWordPoint has certified translators so I did not hesitate to get their services for this job. The translator in-charge with us was such a joy to work with. I had such a wonderful experience!

German Translation

I have been looking for German translators who could translate my academic research from English to German. I could do it myself but given the time constraints of my job, I have no choice but to ask TheWordPoint for their service and they did not disappoint! I checked their final output and it was everything I could ever ask for!

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