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There are a little more than 5 million people who speak Norwegian. It’s not much, but the demand for professional Norwegian translation services is still on the rise. People need it because they do business with or from Norway, expand their connections, and conquer new markets. Whatever reason motivates them to seek linguistic assistance, they all want to be certain that their demands will be met. Because of the language’s rarity, finding a trustworthy Norwegian translator isn’t easy, but TheWordPoint makes it possible! We cooperate with some of the best experts in this market, and we are always prepared for connecting them with our clients.

Five Biggest Kinds of Norwegian Language Translation TheWordPoint Provides

As an agency with years of translating experience, we strive to meet every need our customers have. We determined that there are five largest areas in which people require help, so that’s exactly what we decided to focus on. Take a look at the list below: you could order any of these services.

· Standard & Certified Translation. Apart from general translation, we also offer a certified type of it that’s needed for particularly important documents. So, if you’re applying to an embassy of some country or require USCIS certified translation, we will provide this service.

· Proofreading. This is another common service that people interested in Norwegian translating services seek out. When you get a document but aren’t sure whether it’s good, the best decision entails hiring a reliable proofreader. They’ll not only catch obvious typos, but they’ll also make sure your content looks perfect in every way.

· Localization. Sometimes general Norwegian translation doesn’t work as well as people expect. Some pieces of content are too tricky: they require a special touch, an adaptation that won’t offend the target audience. If you have a unique project that relies heavily on people understanding a language it’s written in, localization is your choice.

· Voice-Over. Many people create videos that they want to give voice to. Since they don’t know another language or just aren’t that accurate, they’ll need to use someone else’s voice, and that’s where TheWordPoint comes into play. Note that our services also offer French, Italian, Spanish translation service, and many others — in addition to Norwegian translators, ask for voices for more than 100 different languages.

· Transcription. Would you like us to transcribe a video into text? Or maybe you’d like someone to listen to the audio and convert it to another language? No worries, we’ve got you covered! We work with both video and audio content in various formats.

Get Translation in the Industry You Want

The world is divided into many different sectors. People work and represent a big variety of industries, so what works for one individual isn’t interesting for another. As one of the most active companies in the market, TheWordPoint offers Norwegian language services in nearly every existing area. We have industry experts who are ready to take on your task at any time. Here are the most common options.

· Legal. When dealing with legal documents, people need experts who are trained in law and related matters. We’ll be happy to provide the best pick: their work will be recognized as valid no matter which authorities you are planning on contacting.  

· Medical. In times of COVID danger, numerous people need Norwegian document translation service in the medical sphere. For example, in case you’re traveling into another country, you could be needing immunization record translation; if you’re eager about the latest findings, you could be interested in articles or other fresh studies that have no adaptation yet.  

· Technical. Computer software, apps, and different manuals usually have specific terminology. Our language experts know how to deal with technical language, so they could easily help you out with it.

· Business. We could find a perfect Norwegian translator to work on your business projects. Send them reports, contracts, letters, etc. — they’ll apply an individual approach to each of these tasks.

· Financial. If you’re working with finances, you know the responsibility involved. Accuracy has an enhanced relevance here, so it’s vital to find a good expert. Our service has more than one: they’ve worked on hundreds of financial translations before, meaning that they could meet your demands quickly as well as efficiently.   

· Advertising. This sector might require a more creative approach than what standard Norwegian language specialists are used to. You’ll need a unique adaptation that reflects your ideas, and have specialists who’ll do just that.

Distinctive Qualities of Our Translation From Norwegian to English

There are plenty of online companies offering their linguistic help. To stand out, our Norwegian services worked hard for making our clients a priority in every possible aspect. Here are the benefits you’ll get by choosing us.

· Best support center. If there are any questions or concerns, just contact our operators whenever needed. They stay in touch 24/7, so you’ll always get an answer. They do not bother but offer top assistance.

· Transparent pricing. Our English to Norwegian translation service is fairly cheap as compared to other prices inside this market. Everything is published right on our website: any visitor can check how much they’ll be paying right away.

· Double accuracy check. We hire only native speakers to work with specific language pairs. This allows ensuring the highest accuracy level. But that’s not the end of it: TheWordPoint also has quality control managers who keep monitoring our translators’ performance. Any issues with orders are immediately reported, so you get content that at least several highly respected professionals have worked on. This increases your chances of leaving satisfied.

· Free revisions. If something isn’t right with your order, let us know. Every translator from English to Norwegian working for us provides free revisions if they made a mistake, so you can count on everything being perfect. There is also a refund feature you could restore if you find results disappointing.

Use Professional Help & Reach Out to New Populations

TheWordPoint is known for being creative, diverse, and accurate in all its operations. Whether you need a document, video, or film script translation services, our services guarantee that you’ll get it. Contact us, explain what you would like us to do, and we’ll eagerly prove why so many people consider us the best Norwegian translation company. We have experts in every possible sphere, so you can place your order while knowing that talented professionals are going to handle it.


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Norwegian Translation

I have a website where I made a photographer’s portfolio back when I was starting my career as a professional photographer in Norway. Now, I want to expand my audience and reach Norwegian clients and global ones as I will be traveling around soon. To revamp my website, TheWordPoint helped me translate 20 blogs from Norwegian to English to my new website. Thanks to their help, I’m now getting more international clients. Thank you so much!

Norwegian Translation

I have a website where I release podcasts and blogs on the latest updates in the tech sphere. My podcasts are in English and Norwegian, as most of my audiences come from Norway. However, I realized that I needed to transcribe these podcasts into my website so more audiences can reach them. I engaged TheWordPoint to transcribe my Norwegian podcasts and they provided me with a fluent Norwegian speaker to do the job. Now I don’t need to worry about the accuracy of the transcription with their help!

Norwegian Translation

Unlike other translation services who offer the most common languages in the world, I was lucky to find TheWordPoint who translates Norwegin to any language and vice versa. I found an interesting case study on psychology and human behavior on the web, with a major part of the text being in Norwegian. TheWordPoint helped me translate this case study to English. They also revised some parts I found lacking at no additional cost. They were such a great help. Great job!

Norwegian Translation

My wife underwent emergency surgery in a hospital in Norway last year during her business trip because of an accident. A few weeks later she was asked to give her operation records for examination and follow-up in our local hospital, however, the records were in Norwegian. They referred me to TheWordPoint as a reliable and professional Norwegian to English translation and they did not disappoint. I will surely recommend them to my friends in the future.

Norwegian Translation

I am moving to Norway through a full scholarship to a Norway university. I asked for help in translating my school documents, transcript of records, etc. into Norwegian for submission to the university. They immediately connected me with a professional Norwegian translator who actively helped with all my documents. I can’t believe I got such a good deal for a good price. Thank you!

Norwegian Translation

TheWordPoint is the most satisfying translation agency I’ve worked with. I engaged them for a translation of a bank document from my Norway bank account for the liquidation of my assets and they provided me with an expert Norwegian translator who was so accommodating of my requests and needs. Job well done to all!

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