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Art and Literature Proofreading - Working On Perfection Of Your Documents

Our services comprise an additional feature that many other translation services do not offer to their clients. These are especially important, however, when documents and text must be impeccable and fully polished. In the area of art and literature, the mis-use of a word, incorrect punctuation, and other grammatical errors can change the meaning of a passage or a lyric. Using our proofreading services, ensures that these types of small but critical errors are not present.

Clients who come to us for initial translation services often add proofreading to their order. Other clients present us with documents that have already been translated, but they are concerned that there may be some errors. In either case, our proofreading is conducted by native linguists who are also field experts, and you will discover that pricing is quite reasonable.

Order Proofreading in Art and Literature

Requesting Proofreading

If you are placing an original order for translation or localization, simply check the box on the order form for proofreading service to be added. The price will be calculated and simply added to your order.

If you have an already-translated piece for proofreading, complete the order form and indicate proofreading only. We will want the original piece and the translated piece, so that your proofreader can compare them. Again, you will receive a price quote before you ever move to the payment process.

How the Process Proceeds

We assign a proofreader who is a native linguist in the language to which the document is to be or has been translated. That individual will also have expert fluency in the original language and a background in the art or literature niche of the translation. If, for example, you want proofreading of a play you have written, your proofreader will have a background in drama - academic, performance, or both. Having that niche background allows the proofreader to review for the nuances and tone you are trying to achieve and ensure that the translated copy achieves that. In the case of a dramatic work, for example, stage instructions will be critical, and that proofreader can ensure that they are clear in the target language.

Receiving a Price Quote for Proofreading

When you place your order, you will be asked to upload the document(s) for our review and analysis. We will provide a price quote based upon length and subject matter. If you are requesting translation and/or localization and adding proofreading, you will receive a special discounted price for bundling those services. If you are requesting proofreading only, we will review the original and translated documents and contact you with a pricing quote. Again, you will discover that our proofreading services are very reasonable when compared to the industry standard.

How Important is Proofreading in Art and Literature?

It’s extremely important, actually. As an artist or writer, you want to ensure that your “message” is conveyed exactly as you wish. Getting another pair of professional eyes on your valuable piece will give you greater confidence that is has been translated just as you would want it to be.

Add proofreading to your translation order or contact customer service for a discussion about our standalone proofreading provisions.

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