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Financial and Business Proofreading Services

Contracts, financial statements, and reports are just a few of the types of documents that must be translated when businesses and financial institutions either establish a presence in a foreign country or conduct business with individuals or organizations in other countries. Many of these documents, moreover, have legal implications, and it is therefore critical that they are fully accurate in their translated states.

Getting to Impeccable Accuracy

Translators are humans, of course, and humans do occasionally make errors – errors in word usage, verb tenses, punctuation, and sentence structure. Such errors can, on rare occasions, change the meaning within the context, not to mention make a less than stellar impression on others. We urge those who must have business and financial documents translated to have those documents subjected to another layer of review through our proofreading services.

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Our Proofreaders

Proofreaders who work for The Word Point are actually translators – native linguists with professional expertise in both grammar and composition in their languages of origin but also who have career or academic backgrounds with the sectors of their translation work. They also have fluency in the languages of origin of documents which they are tasked with translating. Because we have multiple translators within sectors and languages, they alternate among translating, localization, and proofreading.

When proofreading is ordered by a client, the same individual who conducted the translation will not also be the proofreader. In this way, we are able to guarantee soundness of translation – two experts have had their eyes on those documents.

Ordering Business/Financial Proofreading

If you have contracted with us for translation services, you can simply add our proofreading service to your original order and receive a price quote.

If you have had your documents translated elsewhere, you may order just proofreading services. In this instance, you will need to upload the document in its language of origin and the translated copy as well. In this way, your proofreader can engage in the comparison that will be necessary. When you upload your documents, we will have an initial look and provide you with a pricing quote. Once you have accepted that quote and made payment, we are usually able to have those documents in the hands of a proofreader within the hour.

Fast, Reliable and Reasonable

We have a reputation for speed and accuracy. If your need is urgent, we will meet that urgency without sacrificing quality, even if it means assigning more than one proofreader to the project.

Our pricing is based upon the type of document, the length, and the deadline parameters. In all instances, our clients have a price quote before they complete an order, and we do not add hidden fees once that price quote is firm.

The best testament to our reliability and expertise is that our clients return over and over again for translation and proofreading services. As well, they recommend their colleagues and business contacts to us as well.

You can become one of our satisfied proofreading customers. Just contact one of our customer service reps or complete the order form and upload your documents. We’ll assign the perfectly suited proofreader and get the job done.

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