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There is no doubt that these services have resulted in huge benefits to large numbers of people. In fact, we cannot say enough to stress the value that translation services add to nearly every industry.

However, as we sing the praises of translation services, we cannot overlook the role that good proofreading has played. Translation might open the door to globalization, but it is solid proofreading services that keeps that door open. After all, a customer or client in another country might be eager to visit your website or read your content when they see that it is available in their language. Unfortunately, if there are spelling, grammar, and other errors you will lose their attention and their respect immediately. Think of it this way. If you enter a website that has been translated from a foreign language into English, and you notice errors in spelling, mechanics, and syntax, how impressed are you going to be? What’s the likelihood that you will see that content as being credible in any way? Now, imagine that your content has been translated into another language and the person reading it finds multiple spelling and grammar areas. How do you think they are going to react?

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What is Proofreading And How Does it Relate to Translation?

It might help to think of translating like you would writing an original document. A translator works very hard to interpret both the content and intended meaning when translating from one language to another. They have to find the right words, pay attention to cultural references and idioms, and in some cases, they have to ensure that word counts match. Depending on the translating project, they might even have to ensure that the translated information takes up the same amount of space on the page or screen as the original text. It takes a lot of hard work and talent to do that job, just as it does to write an original document.

Now consider this. Good writers rely on proofreaders to ensure that their work is perfected and polished. Translators rely on proofreaders as well. Proofreaders catch spelling, grammar, mechanical, and other errors that might be missed by the translator. If you have a document that has already been translated, proofreading helps to ensure that it is error free.

What do Our Proofreading Services Include?

Your proofreader will identify and fix the following mistakes:

Elements of Proofreading

Typically proofreading involves identification and correction of the following:

  • Spelling Mistakes

  • Typos

  • Grammar and Punctuation Mistakes

  • Spelling Errors

  • Consistency

  • Sentence Structure

  • Formatting

  • Improper use of jargon or slang

  • Abbreviations

  • Proper length

Who Will Proofread my Translated Material

Your documents will be proofread by one of our translators who is also qualified to work as a proofreader. These are men and women we have identified as having a great eye for detail and the ability to check even the longest documents for the smallest errors. We would also like to note that your proofreader has the same qualifications that your translator has.

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