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Legal Proofreading Services - When Accuracy is Imperative

Any legal document is a complex written work that contains very specific phrasing. If you’ve read a contract, lease, or even a website’s terms of use page, you know this. You also know how important it is to ensure that wording in a legal document must be very accurate and very precise.

When legal documents must be translated, this adds an additional layer of complexity. The translator must be very precise in their work. Not only do they need to have mastery of the languages they are working with, they must also have experience and education in the legal industry. If they make even the smallest mistake, there could be serious consequences. This is why we only work with legal document translators who have the right combination of education and experience. It is also why we strongly recommend that our clients opt to have their documents proofread after they have been translated.

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Your Legal Document Proofreading Options

If are planning to place an order with us to translate a legal document, or we are in the process of translating a legal document, you can add proofreading services to your order. If you do this, your document will be sent to a proofreader who will review the document and fix any errors that they find. Your total bill for these services will include the fee for both the translation work and the proofreading.

If you have a legal document that has been translated by another service provider, or you have a document that we have previously translated, you may place an order for stand alone proofreading services. In this case, we will need both the translated document along with the original document. If you choose to do this, you will only be billed for proofreading services. Of course, you will save a bit of money if you bundle our translation and proofreading services together.

Details About Our Legal Document Proofreading Services

When your proofreader receives your legal paper, they will begin carefully reviewing it along with the original document. They will check for errors in spelling, word use, grammar, mechanics, and formatting. They will also verify that there are no mistakes in wording that could change any intended meaning or  be used as reason to nullify the document if it were to be legally challenged. If you have other requirements regarding your legal document, please submit those as well. Your proofreader will be sure to verify that those requirements are met as well.

Let us Ensure That Your Legal Documents Are Absolutely on Point

If you have a legal document that has been or needs to be translated, we are happy to take on this task for you. However, we also strongly urge you to take advantage of our proofreading services. After all, this is not an area in which you can afford to ignore small mistakes that might go unnoticed by an untrained eye. Proofreading gives you the assurance and peace of mind of knowing that your legal document will stand up to any challenge when it comes to grammar, spelling, format, or other issues.

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