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Medical Documents Proofreading Services

If ever accuracy was critical, it is in the translation of medical documents – instructions, protocols, patient reporting forms and questionnaires, packaging and labeling. All of these items have direct bearing on health, medical procedures, and research reporting, and can have crucial implications if full accuracy is not maintained in translation.

The Word Point Recommends Proofreading for All Medical Translations

Our translators are highly experienced career professionals with medical backgrounds along with their native linguistic expertise. They do an amazing job of translating medical documents because of their background in this sector. They understand the terminology as well as the importance of accuracy, and they are known for their expertise and accuracy.

However, no one is perfect, and human error is a fact of life. For this reason, and because there is no room for errors of any kind when it comes to medical translations, healthcare documents, or vaccination record translation. When two experts put their eyes on the same document, we know that the chance for errors in the final document are eliminated. You want perfection, and this is how it can be guaranteed.

Order Proofreading in Medicine

Ordering Proofreading

If you are a client who is ordering translation and/or localization services from The Word Point, you will have the option to add proofreading to your bundled package. We offer a great discount when you add proofreading, and that discount will be provided to you at checkout. You will upload the same documents to us that you upload for translation – the original document along with the request for target language(s). When you check the proofreading box, here is what will happen:

  • First, we assign a translator who is a native linguist in the target language and who has an academic or career background in medicine. S/he takes the uploaded document(s) and performs the translation.

  • We then transfer both the original document and its translation to another sector expert translator who performs the proofreading task. When the client has the translation conducted and then checked by two linguistic professionals, we are able to guarantee complete accuracy, and the final draft of the document(s) is exactly as it should be.

If a client has had translation work completed by another service, we are happy to provide our proofreading service when requested.

  • The client must upload both the original document(s) and the translated version.

  • We then assign the most highly qualified proofreader

  • The proofread version is then delivered back to that client with our guarantee that it is both technically accurate and grammatically perfect.

Don’t Take the Risk

If you are a medically-related company of any type, a medical research institution, a pharmaceutical company, or a professional organization that conducts patient studies or publishes medical research studies, you do not want to risk any errors of translation. For this reason, The Word Point always recommends that proofreading follow an initial translation. Having two experts both sign off on the accuracy of a translation provides an additional confidence to our clients. And any detail and grammatical or mechanical errors will certainly be corrected through this procedure.

Authors have editors who check their work; data is checked and re-checked across all sectors. The activity of medical translation is no different.

Get in touch with us today for your translation and proofreading needs. We have the expertise and the procedures in place to provide you with exactly what you need.

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