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Does your business require translation services? Do you have clients who don’t speak your language, or perhaps need translation services themselves? 

Whether you are expanding into an international market for the first time, or a seasoned global corporation looking for a consistent and reliable translation service, we’re your business translation solution.

The Word Point offers language translation services for business, so you can get on with business, without worrying about the quality of your translations.

Business Translation Services Online

Many companies around the world rely on doing business in multiple languages. If that’s your business, then it’s likely that you regularly find yourself in need of translating many different kinds of texts. These could be anything from product descriptions to job offerings. 

If you want accurate results, and you need them in a short time, then you need online business translation. We translate to and from English, with our English business translation service, as well as over 50 other languages, so we will be with you every step of the way, wherever you take your business.

Using online business translation services is the best way to ensure accuracy, timely delivery, and access to translators with the knowledge of a local.

Common Business Documents We Translate

We offer professional business translation services in a number of areas, including marketing, legal, financial, medical, and technical markets. 

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We offer professional legal translations for various legal documents, such as affidavits, contracts, copyrights, insurance or privacy policies, litigation, arbitration, and patents. Legal documents present special challenges for businesses, and working within a cross-cultural context makes it necessary to pinpoint the exact legal terminology your business, clients, and market demands.


In need of translations for marketing brochures, product descriptions, white papers, media kits, press releases, presentations, guides, or other publications? Look no further than The Word Point’s translation for business.

Technical manuals

Technical manuals can make or break your customer’s positive experience with your brand and products. Make sure your user manuals, software manuals, and instruction manuals are effective and clear for end-users. The Word Point can also help you translate employee handbooks, which is an essential part of moving into an international market with employees around the world.


The finance sector often requires up-to-date information, which means you need a fast-paced translation service to secure quality translations for annual or quarterly reports, investment portfolios, prospectus documents, financial glossaries, accounting statements, or shareholder agreements.


If you need translations services for the medical sector, TheWordPoint offers reliable translations of clinical trial materials, patient prescriptions, informational pamphlets, medication labels, or glossaries.


Finally, we offer translation services for a number of other general business requirements, including business plans, other contracts, non-disclosure agreements, employee agreements, articles of incorporation, shareholder agreements, bylaws, terms of service, or privacy policies.

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Business Translation: The Key To International Expansion

When it comes to taking a business international, communicating with clients in their own language is essential to a successful business relationship. 

There are two phases to expanding your business for an international market, internationalization and localization, and both involve business services translation, or product description translation into other languages.

Business Translators for Internationalization

Internationalization is a key step to preparing your business for different markets. Whether you sell products, information, or software, internationalization means setting up your assets in such a way that they can be readily adapted to the linguistic and regional needs each region presents your business. 

An important way that TheWordPoint can help you with internationalization is in providing you with a team of dedicated, on-call, and skilled translators, ready to jump into action when you need business translation services.

Business Translations Services for Localization

The second phase of international expansion is localization

Digital products also need to be adapted specifically for an international audience—a process called “localization.”

Language localization involves adapting a product or text asset to a specific market region. Localization is essential to making sure customers in diverse markets enjoy a seamless experience with your products. 

Whatever your business translation needs, TheWordPoint has the translation services you need to get the job done with the right tone, the right words, in the right language.

When it comes to operating smoothly across international borders, reliable business translation services are indispensable.

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Your Business Translation Solution

Rather than sinking precious time and resources into locating, screening, on-boarding, and reviewing individual translators from different regions, most international companies find it more efficient and effective to rely on a single business translation service that they can count on under any circumstances to get their texts into the right languages quickly.

Our business translators are highly qualified, with experience delivering results that our clients rely on year after year. From micro businesses to massive corporations, we always deliver diligent service and customer care, and results that speak for themselves.