Privacy Policy

The Word Point Privacy Policy

The Word Point is committed to protecting and securing any personal information that a client provides as s/he visits our website, requests information or make use of our products or services by placing translation, localization, or proofreading orders on our site. This Privacy Policy has been established so that any visitor or user understands what information we collect and how we use that information.

Please review this policy. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service department for further explanation.

The Types of Information We Collect

We collect two types of information as visitors and/or users access our website.

  1. Anonymous Information: We track visits to our site, including the number of individuals who access our site, the pages they visit, the times of day they visit, the amount of time spent on each page, and the browsers that are used to come to our site. No personal information is collected by this tracking. We use the information only to conduct an analysis of our site and its effectiveness, so that we can make improvements when we see they are needed.

  2. Personal Information: When visitors to our site request more information from us, they will normally provide their names and an email address. This is the same if they decide to subscribe to our newsletter mailings.

When a visitor places an order for any of our services, s/he becomes a client. In order to serve that client, we must have the following information:

  • Full Name

  • Address

  • Email Address

  • Contact Telephone Number

  • Company Name and Address if the client is acting on behalf of an organizations for which s/he works.

Protection of Personal Information

We use all of the industry standard methods of protection of personal information a client has provided, including appropriate controls over physical access and Internet firewalls. Clients have the same protection that they enjoy when using any retail organization on the web.

We collect information only for the purpose of communicating with our clients and to provide additional information about our products and services. At any time, a client may opt out of receiving additional information from us, through the opt-out procedures found on all of our mailings and our newsletter.

If a client should desire to be removed from our system entirely, that can be done through request to our customer service department. All personal information is then wiped from our system permanently.

Sale or Transfer of Personal Information

The Word Point does not distribute or transfer personal information of its clients to any third party. This includes selling, leasing, sharing or trading in any way.

No visitor to our site will ever be asked for personal information unless that visitor voluntarily provides it in order to receive mailings from us. In such cases, we ask for name and email address. Again, we do not distribute or share that information with any third party.

Protection of Financial Information

In paying for ordered services, client must submit their payment/financial information. This will normally include credit or debit card information. Clients may also pay through PayPal.

We do not enter any financial information into our database. It is encrypted and handled by a third-party payment processor. This processor is SSL-certified and is the same processor used by many major online retail websites.

If a client wishes to set up a credit account with us for long-term use and billing, again, this information is held by our third-party processor, not by us in any data base on our site.

To date, there has never been a breach of this data.

Identity Verification

Occasionally, a banking institution will request that we verify a client’s information before it will approve of a transaction. In this case, we will notify the client immediately and request the information that has been requested of us. Usually, this is in the form of a photo identification. We will inform you immediately if such verification has been requested, and you may forward it to us via email attachment, screen shot, or fax.


Cookies are little bits of data that are sent to your hard drive, showing that you have visited our site and which pages you have visited. We do not use cookies to gather any personal data from or about you. You are free to opt out of cookies; however, you may not have a full user experience if you do so, and some links may be difficult to access.

WE use cookies only for the purpose of analyzing and improving our website.


Third Party Website Links

Occasionally, a visitor may see a link to another website on our site. These links are provided because we believe there may be information of value or use to our visitors and clients.

Please understand that once you click on one of these third-party links, you are leaving the Word Point website and are no longer protected by our Privacy Policy. It is your responsibility to check the privacy policy of that site, for that is the one in effect when you visit and navigate through that site. Once you return to the Word Point site, our policies are back in effect for you.

Call recordings privacy notice

Any incoming and or outgoing calls that are handled by TheWordPoint may be recorded for training and quality control purposes. This privacy notice applies to telephone calls recorded by TheWordPoint. 

Call recordings will be used:

  • to assist in the quality monitoring of staff performance
  • to investigate and resolve complaints and disputes
  • for the detection and prevention of crime (including fraud)
  • to protect employee safety and wellbeing

All call recordings are held securely by the IT Service.  Only a Head of Service may request a copy of a call for a specific reason. 

Changing This Privacy Policy

As privacy laws change, so do our policy provisions. We stay current with all existing law. When we make a change to this Privacy Policy, we will announce and publish those changes. It is the user’s responsibility to read any changes we institute and they are effective as soon as we publish them.