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Personal Content Proofreading Services

If you want to be sure that your personal documents have been accurately translated, and that they are free from any syntactic, mechanical, orthographic or grammatical errors, please consider using our proofreading services. These services can be purchased as an add on to our translation and localization services. You can also send us documents that have been translated by other service providers and we will happily proofread these personal papers for you.

How it Works

Our proofreaders will take the original content and the translated version and will review both together. If you have other guidelines that must be met, we will use those in addition to the standard rules of grammar and mechanics in the target language.

Order Proofreading in Personal Content

Personal Content Proofreading at Great Rates

We encourage you to contact us to get specific prices when it comes to your proofreading needs. However, we can tell you that our rates are very competitive, especially when you take the quality of the work that we do into consideration. We also offer discounted rates if you bundle proofreading services with translation and localization services.

Understanding Personal Proofreading Services Vs. Editing Services

When you purchase proofreading services, these are not the same as purchasing editing services. With proofreading, we are checking for grammatical, spelling, formatting, and other technical errors. We won’t necessarily be on the lookout for factual errors or mistakes related to context. If you are interested in those services, please contact your translator or ask customer service.

Why Have Personal Documents Proofread?

Your personal documents are very important, and ensuring that they are properly written is important as well. An unintentional grammatical error could change the meaning of a sentence. That’s not something you want to risk in a document that might contain your final wishes, information on your family history, or your thoughts and opinions. Whether you are having translated documents proofread simply to ensure that you can pass them onto your children, or if we are proofreading the translation of a book that you have self-published, you can be sure that your document will be free from troubling or embarrassing errors.

You Will be Impressed by Our Skill And Attention to Detail

Not everybody who works for us as a translator has the chops to be a proofreader. This job takes some intense skills. We never cease to be amazed at the way our proofreaders can spot and fix the smallest of errors. We’re also amazed at their ability to work from your instructions and standard rules of spelling and grammar in order to provide you with a personal document that has been polished and perfected.

Getting Started

If you would like proofreading services in addition to translation or localization services, let us know when you place your order or request a quote. We will incorporate proofreading services when we inform you of the total price of your order. If you are ordering standalone proofreading services, you can place an order through our website or get help from customer service.

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