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5 Blogs on Translation Everyone Should Follow

Carl Hill 08 Aug 2017
List of Useful Translation Blogs

Whether you are a professional translator, fan of languages, dedicated traveler, or professional who uses translation services on a regular basis there are some great translation blogs out there. Any one of these could be of interest to you. Below, we have outline five that we think are especially valuable.

1. About Translation

If you think translation is boring, check out Riccardo Schiaffino’s blog. He covers everything from translating ancient texts to new events in the world of translation. This certified translator clearly has a passion for using language to communicate and bring people together. This one is definitely worth following. Please note his very elegant and artful use of language as well.

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2. A Pragmatic Eye

This blog deals in very real terms with the practical issues that translators face. For example, what are the benefits and pitfalls of using translation software? Is it better to collect payment upfront, or to bill clients after the work is done? This blog provides lots of great advice and insights for translators. For others, it can be a source of education about the realities of translation.

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3. Speaking of Translation

This blog is run by two people. They are experts on both translation and localization.

While this isn’t officially a podcast, you have the option to listen to audio of the tips this pair offers topics related to translation. They also cover related topics such as freelancing, self publishing, and self employment while being a parent.

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4. Translator Fun

Every field has a lighter side. Translation, localization, and interpretation are no exception. The Translator Fun blog explores the humor in this field and shares levity with its readers. This is a great site to check in on once or twice a day to lift your mood, and enjoy some relatable humor.

5. Brave New Words

Translation and other related disciplines represent something very complex. At the end of the day, it’s all about human communication. This is more than translating words from language A to language B. There is the matter of culture to consider, for one thing. Politics, economics, pop culture, geography, and history all impact the development of language. Making sense of all of this requires more than just knowing two or more languages. Brave New Words explores all of this.

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These five blogs offer a variety of insights, information, and a bit of humor. If you are a translator who wants practical advice, or to simply indulge in a bit of relevant fun, these blogs are great for you. Linguistics fans and those who are simply interested in learning more about translation, interpretation, and localization should check these pages out as well.


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List of Useful Translation Blogs

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List of Useful Translation Blogs
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