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YouTube Captions With Google Translate Help

Carl Hill 11 Apr 2018
YouTube Captions With Google Translate Help

You can share videos on your website, post them on various social media channels, and use your YouTube channel to provide amazing content to your subscribers.

There’s no limit to the content you can cover with video either. Explainer videos, instructional content, interviews, animation, question and answer videos, product demonstration, behind the scene footage, and even live streaming video can be used by brands to make a big splash.

What happens when the splash isn’t big enough? What if your products are going worldwide, but your videos are stuck in the same spot? You could spend a lot of effort just to translate YouTube video. However, that takes a lot of time and resources. Another option is to create and translate YouTube captions. Keep reading to learn more.

Google And YouTube: A Match to Help You Reach Your Target Audience

It is no secret that Google acquired YouTube a while back. Initially, YouTube trucked along in spite of this with Google showing very little influence with the exception of some SEO stuff. Now, that is beginning to change. Google is becoming more actively involved in this brand. One of the things they have done is to add some cool translation utilities that make it easier to translate captions for YouTube videos. There’s even some crowdsourcing stuff thrown into the mix.

Understanding Caption Tracks

When you create a video, you can add a caption track to that video. These are the captions/subtitles to accompany your video. Presumably they are in your language. You need the caption track in order to get any translation done.

Here’s something else to consider. Even if you are unsure whether or not you will translate a video, include a caption track anyway. This way it is available if you change your mind. By using a caption track, you can make your videos more accessible to the hearing impaired, and those who simply cannot watch content with the sound turned on.

If you have a video uploaded to YouTube and it’s got a caption track, there is an option to select ‘request translation’ from the user toolbar. From there, you are able to select the languages you want. YouTube then works to create all of the documents you need. From there, you have three options. Translate yourself, to the best of your ability. Send the documents in to professional script translation services. Crowdsource the translation process.

There is also a Translator Toolkit editor that Google offers. However, it can be said that the amount of success people have with this is quite limited. It may be enough to bridge the knowledge gap for someone who can speak and write in another language but has yet to gain complete fluency.

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Working With Crowd Translated Captions

First, remember that you can select subtitling services to translate your captions. This includes professional translators from The Word Point. You have other options as well. Ask a fluent friend for help. Of course, there are simply people who will help with content translation because that is what they enjoy doing. Many of these hobbyists are true language gurus. They are eager to show they know how to translate YouTube videos into English and many other languages. They really understand language history, context, and culture. Their insights are quite worthwhile, even if you finalize your translation with a pro to ensure it can be certified.

Whatever you choose, your translation be made available when it is added or changed. You may take the time to review translations before they go live. This means you don’t need to worry about trolls or jokesters. Whether you want to learn how to translate a YouTube video to English or some other language, Google translate help is an excellent utility.

Conclusion: Give it a Try Help is Available if You Need It

You can reach wider audiences and increase your video stats simply by offering captions in multiple languages. The tools provided by Google are quite easy to use. Our quick professional translation services can help along the way.


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