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What Should You Know about Islamic New Year?

Henry Mcdowell 08 Jun 2021
What Should You Know about Islamic New Year?

Not only Muslims but also other people who are excited about cultural and religious phenomena want to know when will Islamic New Year 2021 start. In addition to 1.8 billion Muslims in total, many other people all over the world will join their families and friends to celebrate together.

About Islamic New Year

The first month of the Islamic lunar year is known as Muharram and the very first day of this month is known as the Arabic or Islamic New Year. It is also known as the Hijri New Year which brings us back to 622 CE and the Hijra, exodus or journey of Muhammad along with his followers from Mecca to Medina. This event is truly sacred for every faithful Muslim. That’s why not just Islam New Year day but the entire month is of immense importance for Muslims all around the world and this will be confirmed by any Arabic translation service specialist if you ask them.

The Islamic Calendar

People who are curious regarding when is Islamic New Year should also know that Islamic calendar has 354 days as it is lunar-based. Thus, an 11-day period or 12-day one for a leap year is a period that every Islamic year goes backward comparing it to other calendars, such as Gregorian one, which is solar-based. Considering current Islamic calendar new year date is also different depending on the method used by different countries. Those methods might be based on either local lunar sighting or astronomical calculations and schemes. Knowing specific and very important details is essential for everyone who works in a reputable business translation service that is why hiring translation specialists when you need to communicate with a client from Muslim countries is important to understand each other from the point of view of culture and religion as well.

Islamic New Year Traditions

Even though this holiday is treated as a public one in many if not all Muslim countries, the way people celebrate it is different from Western holiday. It is quiet, filled with self-reflection, and religious practices. Muslim New Year is a sacred day and entire Muharram is holy month as well. It is a significant day that means a beginning of a new period, just like hundreds of years ago it marked freedom and end of religious oppression.

When Is Muharram? What Happens During It?

Taking into consideration Gregorian calendar, Islamic New Year celebration, and the month of Muharram start on a different day each year. It falls on August 9 in 2021 though this date may be different in other countries depending on expected visibility or calculation method.

Since it is a start of a coming twelve-month period, people stick to traditions, give wishes, and pray. There are many different small traditions and ways of worship and localization services professionals know about all specific details that need to be taken into consideration while translating texts for Muslim countries as there are notable differences. Some of events that once may come across in different countries:

  • Pilgrimage to the Imam Husayn Shrine (Iraq).
  • Ta'zieh tradition (Shi'i Muslims perform it in Iran)
  • Matham or remembrance parades (Iraq, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan)
  • The Day of Ashura or the 10th day of Muḥarram month

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How To Observe Islamic New Year?

It is a well-known fact that there are two major denominations of Islam: Shia (from 6.5% to 15% of total Muslim population) and Sunni (from 85% to 93.5%). Answering the question “what is the Islamic year and new beginning?” as well as how to celebrate it reveals some major differences between these sides.

  • Sunni: visiting mosque to join others in prayer or celebrating a holiday with family, contemplating peace, and planning future. For most Muslims this day can be a time of peace, thoughts, spending time with close people, and reminding themselves what should be important in life.
  • Shia: mourning leader Hussein, Muhammad’s grandson, whether alone or in a mosque along with the community members.

Other people, whether they belong to a different religion or decided to join atheists, should also take a moment for peace and self-reflection. It is worth remembering that all people are equal regardless of their religion or residence place.

Happy Holidays

Overall, rich cultural and religious heritage of all Islamic countries requires substantial background knowledge and USCIS certified translation of needed texts as inexperienced translators may leave unacceptable mistakes in competed work. It is beneficial for everybody to get acquainted with Islamic traditions, rituals, and their meanings as a person may find out many new things about the world in general and themselves in particular. It is the best way to realize and do remember that every person should be treated as special and unique.

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What Should You Know about Islamic New Year?
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What Should You Know about Islamic New Year?
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What Should You Know about Islamic New Year?
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