Top Location Independent Businesses That Allow You to Work From Anywhere in The World

Henry Mcdowell 06 Feb 2018
Top Location Independent Businesses That Allow You to Work From Anywhere in The World

Obviously, we are partial to translation as a career, but it certainly isn’t the only business that offers you location independence. There are many fields where this is an option. Keep reading to learn about them. In case you’re wondering, yes! We will have more to say about working as a freelance translator online.

Freelance Writing And Blogging

This is an extraordinarily popular career. Freelance writers are tasked with producing a variety of content for clients. This can vary according to the assignment. At any given time, a freelance writer may be working on content for a new website, ghostwriting a blog post, writing a product review, composing newsletter content, or putting together a press release. Some work directly with clients, others get work through agencies.

Then there are professional bloggers. You can probably list a dozen or so big name bloggers right off the top of your head. What you may not know is that there are thousands of less known bloggers who still make an impressive amount of money at their craft. They earn by selling products, advertising, and affiliate marketing.

Web Design And Development

While there are times when web designers do need to be in the same room as their clients, this is not needed very often. As a result, web design, graphic design, and development are ideal careers for the digital nomad. The entire process of consulting with clients, coding, testing, and implementing can be done remotely.

Digital Assisting

This could be classified as internet odd jobs.  Just like some businesses need occasional help with tasks such as making deliveries or taking on extra filing, they also need similar help with internet-based tasks. A digital assistant may be asked to fill out forms, conduct research, read comments left by customers, or browse through online files. These are often one time jobs that businesses need done for some reason or another. They don’t warrant hiring extra staff, or even searching for temps.

There are several websites that help people find these ‘microjobs’. One of the more reputable is Fiverr. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is another option.

Photography And Photojournalism

There is certainly money to be made in photography and photojournalism. If you are talented and choose to travel to places that others find intriguing, bring along your camera. You may be able to capture stories that people are willing to buy.

Even if photography is simply something you do on the side, there are still ways to make money. Those extra snapshots you take could be appealing to stock image websites. If people use your photographs, you have the chance to earn royalties.

Affiliate Sales And Marketing

Did you know you can travel, and have a hugely successful e-commerce business? It’s true! Thanks to Amazon and companies that maintain warehouses and distribution centers, you can become an affiliate salesperson or drop shipper. This means that you create an e-commerce website complete with product pictures and descriptions, and a shopping cart function. Customers arrive at your site and place their orders. All products are shipped directly from distribution points, and you can collect your profit.

Translation Interpretation And Localization

If you prefer to work solely online, you will want to learn how to become a location, independent translator. With so many companies expanding globally, there is no shortage of work for translation professionals to perform a variety of tasks relating to translation and localization. If you prefer direct contact with people, your professional translation services are in need as well.

Your language skills can lead you to work as an interpreter for tourism companies, for example. You could find yourself working in a variety of locations to help companies understand local populations, interpret documents for training, and much more.

Useful information: Having additional technical skills you can provide accurate manual translation services.

Online Customer Support

Did you know that when you contact customer service for any reason you could be working with someone in a cafe in Paris or relaxing on a beach? It’s true! People no longer need to work in cramped call centers or cube farms. They can help people with tasks ranging from taking reservations to tech support all from anywhere in the world.


Whether you are interested in becoming a translator or pursuing another career, there are plenty of options for emerging digital nomads. Consider one of the fields listed here to enjoy a life of travel and adventure while earning a great living.


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Top Location Independent Businesses That Allow You to Work From Anywhere in The World

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Top Location Independent Businesses That Allow You to Work From Anywhere in The World
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Top Location Independent Businesses That Allow You to Work From Anywhere in The World
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