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What Are You Truly Thankful For This Thanksgiving in 2020?

Henry Mcdowell 03 Nov 2023
What Are You Truly Thankful For This Thanksgiving in 2020?

What are you thankful for Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving unites families and communities reminding them about their values. That is why at TheWordPoint we find it an extremely important holiday. In the routine of work, family, friends, and a myriad of activities we maintain, some great things taken for granted are unnoticed. Thanksgiving thus highlights them giving the opportunity to say thank you to our clients and our beautiful team, recall on achievements, and make us feel proud about quality work we do.

Brief History of Thanksgiving Holiday

Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is celebrated at the end of November and that the most traditional dish for this holiday is turkey. But where did this custom of celebrating it come from? Back in 1620 when Pilgrims on the East Coast of North America. They founded their colony on the territory of present-day Massachusetts, their life in their new home has been unbearably hard. The weather was cold and capricious, land was yet to give any crops and many things around them were unusual. They would not be able to survive there without help provided by Native Americans, who helped the first colonists with hunting, taught them how to grow corn and extract sap from maple trees, trained them to fish in the rivers, and helped them live through hard conditions. In fact, it was great luck for pilgrims as there, in the New World, they met a Native American, Squanto, who spoke English and assisted colonists in their survival. He even fostered their alliance with local tribe that since then lasted for more than 50 years. 

In 1621, when pilgrims managed to grow their first corn crops, they decided to share this achievement with their Native American fellows. William Bradford organized a three-day hunting and celebration feast with their Native American allies. As found from chronicles, during these three days, together they were able to hunt enough fowl to feed their entire company for a week. This shared feast between the colonists. Native Americans although not formally named so in those days, is considered to be the first Thanksgiving Day celebration. Later on, in 1789, the first Thanksgiving proclamation was issued by the first USA president, George Washington. It aimed to encourage Americans to express gratitude for ratification of U.S. Constitution and the end of war for independence. Almost in 30 years, New York state established Thanksgiving as an annual state celebration. In the following years, several other Northern states have proclaimed their own similar state holidays. It only happened during the Civil War that Thanksgiving Day was established as a national holiday to be held annually on the final Thursday of November.

Amazing Thanksgiving Traditions

Like any other holiday, Thanksgiving has many fun and interesting traditions. 

The turkey pardon

It is indeed a funny and at the same time a life-saving custom. Every year on Thanksgiving a President of the US receives an unusual gift – two live turkeys. Then at a special ceremony in the White House those two birds, who are National Thanksgiving turkeys, are symbolically “pardoned” by the president. They are sent to live their long and happy life on a farm. 

Traditional dishes

In most families, question “what does Thanksgiving mean to me” evokes a vision of a huge hot turkey just taken out of oven and steaming. Other dishes traditionally served on this holiday include different stuffings, cornbread, sweet potatoes, gravy, mashed potatoes, casserole, cranberry sauce, as well as various salads. For dessert on Thanksgiving dinner, most families have a pie. Typical pie flavors served on this holiday are pumpkin, apple, pecan, sweet potato.

Family reunion

Most American families travel to their relatives on Thanksgiving Day to spend it together. Children who are in college or live separately visit their parents or have a family dinner. Most flight tickets for this time are sold out months before the holiday.

Saying “Thank you!”

This is basically what the holiday is for. It is very easy – think of who helped you, made you happy, what are you thankful for Thanksgiving in general and say it to your close ones. It is very important to let people around know that you care for them, that they make your life better.

Breaking the wishbone

There is a tiny V-shaped bone attached to the turkey’s chest called “wishbone”. First, the bone needs to be cleaned from meat and left for a while to get dry. Then two people need to make a wish while holding two ends of one bone. Then pull this bone in different directions so that it breaks. Wish of the person whose part is bigger is believed to come true.

How TheWordPoint Celebrates Thanksgiving Day

At TheWordPoint, Thanksgiving is among most essential holidays that remind us of important things in our lives, so we love celebrating it. One of our favorite traditions on this day is “Thanksgiving Mail”. In our office, we put a special box with cards with envelopes next to it. Anyone wishing to express gratitude on Thanksgiving to their coworkers can take a card, sign it, put in an envelope, write on it to whom the card is addressed and drop it in that box.

At the end of working day, our HR manager would open this box and deliver all received cards. When we launched it for the first time, we did not expect that it would be very popular, but we ran out of cards by midday and had to buy some extra ones as there were still many employees who wanted to take part. This year, TheWordPoint had to make some changes, so we will have an online Happy Thanksgiving Day 2020 Mail where employees would submit their letters in an anonymous form on a website. We are thrilled and can’t wait for the fun to begin!

We are Thankful on Thanksgiving 2020 For

Year 2020 has been extremely challenging in many respects. It reminded everyone of the truly important things in life. More than that, we had an opportunity to look deep inside ourselves and find out our true worth and strength. That is why this year is a high time to focus on essentials. So things we are thankful for this Thanksgiving are:

  • Good health and wellbeing
    Probably, if you ask anyone “what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving” the most frequent answer would be about health. We are thankful that current situation did not hit us too hard and we wish good health to every person.

  • Our loyal clients and their trust
    You are our greatest motivator and our inspiration. TheWordPoint is extremely thankful to all our clients for their support and loyalty to us. We promise you to keep up with high quality as well as provide the best service possible.

  • Our team of specialists
    We would like to express gratitude to all of our employees all over the world. What to be thankful for this Thanksgiving if not for beautiful people who make it all happen! Thank you for everything you do, for your dedication to your work. You are true professionals and we are happy to have you as a part of our team. We are grateful for our professional team of certified translators, editors, customer support representatives who work 24/7 with an aim to provide services of highest quality, especially during these complicated times.

  • Us being able to keep up with our standards
    We are extremely thankful to ourselves as a company that managed to adjust to the situation with quarantine, lockdown, pandemic fast, and smooth without affecting accuracy of our work. We demonstrated to ourselves how flexible, strong we can be regardless of situation.

We are Thankful in Different Languages to You

Now it is high time for us to express our feelings. We are thankful for our company that became a family to everyone and a place where you can always find support, love, encouragement, trust. TheWordPoint is a big multicultural family that became closer during quarantine and will always be on guard to deliver the best translation services!

One “thank you” is just not enough. We are thankful to you in all languages, some of which are:

Arabic – Shukran

Bosnian – Hvala

Breton – Trugéré

Catalan – Gràcies

Chinese – Xie Xie

Croatian – Hvala

Danish – Tak

Dutch – Dank u

Filipino – Salamat

Finnish – Kiitos

French – Merci

German – Danke

Greek – Efharisto

Hawaiian – Mahalo

Hindi – Dhanyawaad

Indonesian – Terima kasih

Irish – Go raibh maith agat

Italian – Grazie

Japanese – Arigato

Korean – Kamsahamnida

Maltese – Grazzi

Nepali – Dhanyabaad

Norwegian – Takk

Portuguese – Obrigado

Romanian – Mulțumesc

Russian – Spasibo

Slovak – Ďakujem

Slovenian – Hvala

Spanish – Gracias

Swahili – Asante

Swedish – Tack

Thai – Kop khun

Turkish – Teşekkür ederim

Welsh – Diolch yn fawr

Ukrainian - Diakuju

Read also: Where to find the best Arabic translators online?

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Historically this holiday has been a celebration taking place during or after hard times in order to show gratitude on Thanksgiving to those who support us. Say thanks to yourself for being able to go through all struggles. This year it is extremely topical to do it. We wish you a happy Thanksgiving Day! All the best to you and your close ones!


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