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Which Industries Depend on Translation Services

Mark Blackwood 10 Jun 2015
Which Industries Depend on Translation Services

It’s possible for nearly anyone to need translation services for one reason or another. The world is getting smaller, and one no longer has to travel far to face situations where they may need to interact with people who speak a different language.

However, there are certain industries where translation services are required even more frequently. If you work in these industries, or are a consumer, you may have already benefited from the services of a translation company.

Information Technology And Software Development

Any company that develops software or apps for sale overseas is in need of technical document translation services. The same is true for businesses offering IT services or providing technical support on a global level. Documents and other items to be translated can include:

  • User Documentation
  • End User License Agreements
  • Software And App Content
  • Online Help

Translation agencies such as can also assist software and app development houses with localization services. This can help ensure that products remain appealing and useful to audiences all over the globe.

Legal Services

It is very common for law firms that have an international client base or serve customers who engage in international trade to require the help of a legal translation agency. Translations may be needed for contracts, court orders, translations of affidavits, and of other documents. Lawyers may also need assistance with interpretation when they represent clients who do not speak the same language as they do.

Banking And Finance

There is certainly a high demand for business and financial translation services. Trade, investing, and international commerce are just a few areas in which translation services enable employees of banking and financial services companies to reach out to customers all over the world. Translators can also ensure that people conducting international transactions are able to understand regulations and remain compliant. Translation services are relied upon to translate finance documents, transactions, applications, and other forms.

Medical Life Sciences And Pharmaceutical

Medical document translation services are in high demand.  To begin, international travelers frequently need prescriptions and other medical documents translated for them. Doctors and health care providers also rely on hospital translation services to help them take care of patients and understand their needs.

In addition to this, the pharmaceutical industry operates on a global stage. The medications you may take in the United States may be manufactured in India, China, Portugal, or any other country. Packaging and instructions must be translated to ensure that customers consume medications properly and are aware of potential side effects.

People working in research areas such as biology, medical research, or life sciences also count on translators. They may rely on research done by people in other countries and need that data translated for them. Translators are also needed to help them present research findings to global audiences.

Travel And Tourism

When people think about the translation industry, travel translation services are often what is first on their minds. This is a fairly accurate assumption as the travel industry is one of the prime focuses of the translation industry. When people go through their international travel checklists, where to translate documents is often an item they a have to consider.  Travelers may need any of the following documents translated:

  • Medical records
  • Legal documents such as divorce papers or travel permission slips for young children
  • Visas
  • Travel guides and brochures

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Because many students as well as instructors are traveling around the world to attend school, teach, and participate in academic research projects, there is a strong need for academic document translation services. Reports, research papers, college applications, textbooks, college and university website content, and other items may require translation so that they are accessible to all who need them.

industries that depend on translation services

Retail And Ecommerce

Both brick and mortar as well as online stores will need translation services if they plan to market their products or establish stores internationally. Translation and localization services needed by these businesses are wide ranging and include the following:

  • Website localization and translation
  • Translation of signs and advertising copy
  • Social media and landing page translation and localization
  • Translation of shipping labels
  • Translation of product descriptions


These are not the only industries that use translation services. In fact, it would be difficult to find any industry where translation services were needed at least on some occasions. Stil, the ones listed here do represent a primary source of business for translation servcie providers. We are proud to be able to serve people in all industries and meet their translation and localization needs. 


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