Andrew Samkowski

Andrew Samkowski


Andrew holds a Master’s degree in English and German languages and World Literature. He joined our team as a freelance writer.  Being a content creator. Andrew is committed to sharing his wisdom and knowledge with his many readers. Specializing in quick tips, advice on effective writing, language learning, and world cultures - he loves celebrating life and working with his comprehensive articles.

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Andrew Samkowski
Language insights

Why Learn Japanese & What Are the Benefits

Why learn Japanese in the 21st century? This exotic language has millions of speakers all over the world and gains popularity year by year. Learn about the benefits of learning it in our article!

Andrew Samkowski 01 Oct 2020
Andrew Samkowski

How to Become a Transcriptionist in 2022

How to become a transcriptionist and become a professional in criminal, medical, legal, or any other sphere? In our article, you will find everything about this profession: types of work, possibilities, skills, and tips.

Andrew Samkowski 28 Aug 2020
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