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Clutch Announces Top IT & Business Services in 2020 – TheWordPoint is Leader in Translation Industry

Andrew Samkowski 23 Nov 2020
Clutch Announces Top IT & Business Services in 2020 – TheWordPoint is Leader in Translation Industry

Clutch is one of the best and trustworthy platforms for research and reviews in B2B that conduct their annual companies’ rating providing services to enterprises that aim to objective assessment and recommendations. Their website is used by over half a million buyers and sellers of services and this number is growing constantly. In 2020, they have ranked us among Top IT & Business services, and we are extremely happy and proud to get their award. More than that, we are grateful for the trust and appreciation of our clients and partners who highly evaluated our company on Clutch. 

2020 has been a challenging year for many businesses requiring extreme flexibility and independence of working process from external circumstances. But TheWordPoint has managed to get accustomed to the situation in the fastest terms maintaining processes smoothly and providing professional translation services as usual. It allowed us to keep up with the high-quality level that gave us an opportunity to be placed among the leaders of IT translation services in 2020. This award is an important milestone for our company and great motivation for further development.

About the Award

Clutch in their list of the leaders in B2B field strive for a comprehensive review of the candidates. Their award is based on a matrix of different parameters that are important for IT & Business Services. The most significant ones are customer satisfaction and industry expertise, but they also take into account such factors as legal matters, cybersecurity, pricing, working process. This platform has designed a powerful tool for assessment of service providers and a methodology for collecting and processing data relevant for ranking candidates. They conduct case studies and look at all possible facets of customer experience. The review board of Clutch looks at brand’s reputation, values, and policies, their partners, software used by the company, rewards, and other important factors. 

In order to receive this award a company needs to demonstrate high performance in all criteria in the matrix and should stand out within their field. Review conducted by Clutch, global leaders in research and rating of B2B business, is ongoing as they do not just look at the company’s performance at a certain short timeframe but analyze overall operation of candidates throughout the years. We appreciate such a responsible attitude to assessment, and it makes us even more proud to get the award from Clutch for being one of the best business translation services. TheWordPoint always has customer experience as top priority, and we are happy that it is evident from the review conducted.

Why TheWordPoint is a Top Service Provider

We work in the industry of translation for a considerably long time already and have a wide network of employees and clients internationally. Having always strived for the best performance possible, we are very proud to be considered one of the Top translation services for IT and business by Clutch. The Word Point has a wide range of languages in which we provide our localization and translation services, and we steadily add many more to meet the needs of a number of future customers. Our language specialists all over the world are proficient in a wide range of fields. We also provide general, technical, medical, and legal translation services of any complexity. 

TheWordPoint tries to be as flexible as possible for customers giving them an opportunity to have the work completed in the shortest terms and with the best quality possible. In 2020, we had to work under pressure in many different respects. However, it did not prevent us from enabling international healthcare providers to connect with their clients, which is not just a business matter, but our contribution to mitigating the situation. We believe that our attitude to work, motivation, and our big team of professionals around the world are the main reasons why TheWordPoint was awarded to be on the list of Top IT & Business services by Clutch. It is a great honor to be recognized as the leaders in the industry, and we are going to continue improving our service to best meet the needs of our customers.

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Clutch Announces Top IT & Business Services in 2020 – TheWordPoint is Leader in Translation Industry
Our awards

Clutch Announces Its Top B2B Global Leaders - The Word Point is on That List

As a translation agency that has been serving international enterprises for years, The Word Point is committed to top-notch translation and localization services for businesses/organizations of all types and sizes. Our reputation for superior products and services has now earned us a spot on Clutch.co’s list of global business leaders.

Andrew Samkowski 28 Dec 2018