5 Tips For Translating Web Pages Into Many Languages Then Merge it With Your Business Strategy

Mark Blackwood 27 Jul 2017
Multilingual Localization Tips

Many organizations are now recognizing the importance of effectively and efficiently translating web content into multiple languages. The five tips provided here will help you to navigate this process. Then you will be able to embed what you've learned into your overall business strategy.

1.Do Not Rely on Free Translations Provided by Search Engines And Browsers

If you surf your way into a website that has been written in a foreign language, Google will frequently offer to translate the content for you. This is okay for casual internet browsing. However, Google and other providers give no guarantee that the translations will be accurate. These translations are based on the content in the HTML driving the web page.

There is absolutely no guarantee that your customers will receive a technically accurate translation. Worse, there is no guarantee that your messaging will be retained once the page has been translated. You are much better off presenting your audience with a web page that has been professionally translated into their language.

2.Machine Translations Are Simply Not Accurate Enough

It may be tempting to paste content into an online translator, and then paste the results onto your new web pages. This is a bad idea. Whatever money you save by doing this is going to be lost when customers are confused or turned off by what is guaranteed to be very disjointed, and inaccurate content.

3.Offering Fresh Content in Multiple Languages Will Improve SEO

The more original, relevant, high quality content that you provide on your website the better. It’s content marketing 101 that posting new content encourages search engines to send their ‘spiders’ out to review and reindex your website. Then, when that happens your search engine rankings improve. Now, imagine what happens when you post that new content on your translated web pages as well. Of course, you receive better rankings. That’s not all. You also receive increased visits to your website. This increase in traffic is noticed by search engine providers as well, again resulting in even better SEO.

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4.Multilingual Websites Cast a Much Wider Net

If you are able to offer audience members landing pages, product descriptions, and other relevant content in their native language, you will significantly increase your target audience. This is even true if the majority of people understand the original language in which your website was written.

You will build trust and increase your chances of developing relationships with potential customers if they are able to select their language, and proceed to a corresponding web page. In fact, it has been proven that customers who are able to shop, get assistance, and complete transactions in their tongue are more likely to convert and to spend additional money for the privilege.

Providing customers with well translated and proofread content doesn’t simply help them to understand your products and services. It has a significant impact on branding. This is the overall impression of and attitude towards your company that your audience forms.

The impacts of this go far beyond simple search result positioning. When you post quality content that is relevant to your audience and available to them in their native tongue, you build trust and establish credibility. That doesn’t simply lead to increased sales. You will cement your company as a thought leader, and will be much more likely to earn brand loyalty from your audience.

5.Building a Relationship With a Reputable Translation Firm is Key

Some businesses jump from one translation service to the next. Their goal is to find the cheapest bidder for each project. Unfortunately, that is the perfect way to wind up with a website that is disjointed and inconsistent. Websites are almost living and breathing organisms. They are ever-changing and develop and grow as your enterprise does.

By forming a relationship with a reputable translation firm, you will almost certainly receive the best translations possible. This is because the firm will understand your goals, concerns, and ongoing needs. There will be no need to familiarize translators with your company. All of that information will be at the translation firm’s fingertips.


Follow the tips above in order to create an effective, multilingual website. It will be a convenience to your customers. It will help you to build goodwill among your customers. Finally, your branding and overall reputation will be positively impacted. 


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Multilingual Localization Tips

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