Earning Money as a Translator for

Andrew Samkowski 25 Aug 2017
Earning Money as a Translator for

Like every other industry it seems, online translation services have become popular with business, industry, and e-commerce enterprises. The more global our businesses and societies become, the greater the need for translation services. Finding individuals who do freelance work in translation takes time, especially finding a bilingual translator in several languages. Business owners and industry execs are looking for several individuals, and this is totally inefficient.

For this reason, they are far more prone to look at professional online translation services – companies who have a large pool of industry-specific specializations in a wide range of languages. It’s a one-stop shop for all translation needs, whether that is an employee handbook in Spanish or a localized website or app from English to Chinese and Hindi.

Good News for Translators

For freelance translators, who have been working on their own and trying to market themselves, the rise of professional language translation services that provide “umbrella” translations in numerous languages and a wide array of types of translation needs, from technical, healthcare, certified marriage certificate translation, to immunization records translation. Rather than spending time and money chasing their own clients, they can now register with these larger services and get as much work as they want. Even if they want to keep their own business, there is always extra money to be made by becoming affiliated with a larger service.

TheWordPoint is a Great Choice

TheWordPoint is a top-notch, comprehensive service that provides every type of personal, legal, scientific, literary, or e-commerce, business translation service, and in almost 100 languages. And because of its reputation for high quality, clients are abundant.

For the freelancer who wants to expand his work load, going through the process of registering with TWP and getting approved as a translator with the company, will immediately mean more work.

How to Earn Money Working as a Translator at TWP

The process for becoming a translator for TheWordPoint is not simply a matter of signing up. There is a process. But once you get through that process, you become a translator for a reputable company that will always have work for you.

  • You will need to submit your credentials, including and degrees and certification you have
  • You will need to provide a history of your translation work. TWP requires all of their new hires to have some previous experience
  • You will need to complete a translation of a piece of their choosing, based upon what your area of specialization is.

Once you have been approved, you can begin work immediately. You will be placed into translation categories based upon your native and target languages and the areas of specialization which you have designated.

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how to spot a translator

It is TWP’s policy to have translations completed and then edited, in instances of complex pieces and when a client requests it, in the name of accuracy. And so, translators may be called upon to complete the original work or to act as editors and review the work of others.

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Clients are generally charged by the word, and the cost is based upon the type of work involved and the deadline. Clients may select one of three levels of translation based upon the need for accuracy. Translation of financial statements or legal documents, for example, will require a higher level of precision than the translation of a personal piece of writing, such as letters or other personal communication. An employee manual may need a professional level of translation; however, a highly technical instructional manual or a piece of scientific research may require a premium level. The more the client is charged, the more a translator may earn. All of these types of translations are non-phone, of course.

If you are accurate and you are fast, you can stand to make a great income by working for TheWordPoint.


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Earning Money as a Translator for
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