Social Media Localization: Becoming Friends with Customers

Mark Blackwood 15 Oct 2018
Social Media Localization: Becoming Friends with Customers

Going global and localizing the business is a normal thing for entrepreneurs to consider today. The opportunities that localization provides for the company are almost limitless. While businesses have learned to localize their products, marketing campaigns, and websites long ago, social media localization seems only to start taking turns. Localizing a community on Facebook, for example, and posting for different audiences around the world, however, offers much more than other localization strategies, and here’s why.

Importance of Media Localization

A number of entrepreneurs have realized that translation is not always enough, even when using the most advanced technology and professional translation services for business. With localization being one of the trendiest and one of the most efficient moves in any industry today, it has a lot to offer indeed. Here are only some of the top points to consider.

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Point #1

You grow your customer base and create a better local presence for the target audience. First and foremost, your potential clients will have much higher chances to know about your business in the first place in case they can understand it. Any social media platform is huge, hence, making your business presence customer-centric there is common sense. If you want to successfully target an audience from another country, aim for social media as more than half of people around the world use an account on social networks. Keeping that in mind will turn to adjust your posts to the local way of communication, culture, trends, and events into your prime mission.

Just imagine the following, you are targeting an audience in Eastern Europe, say, Hungary, to sell your cool and innovative software product that you plan to introduce in the region. You have a great marketing campaign and certainly know that the product is very much needed there. To do that, you address the software localization services to help you with the product first. Then, you make the following media localization move: you do not just translate your posts on Facebook into Hungarian. Let’s assume you provide your customers with a list of places in Hungary where they can buy your product in physical or localized online stores and even give them a special discount code that they can use to buy it. The next thing you will see is most likely a huge sales boost for that product in the biggest cities in Hungary within weeks. After a few months, the revenue will probably hit the top of your expectations as the information about your cool and innovative product will spread throughout the country via word-of-mouth and reposts.

Point #2

Localizing your social media creates a two-way radio. Just as the customers will know you better and feel more comfortable about your business, you will be able to get feedback from them more efficiently. Social media platforms have become a home for many people in the digital world. This in turn makes them feel less strained or stressed. Such customers will provide you with more honest and detailed feedback that you will be able to use to improve your product or target it to additional regions.

Not only will you be able to read user reviews, but you will also be able to get them faster after you launch your product or service as people use social media on a daily basis. Sharing their thoughts and experiences with your product will not take them much effort, but will provide you with valuable information. Also, you will likely be able to get more of such feedback as people can repost your offering and reply to it, which provides you with twice as much information.

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Point #3

You boost your reputation. By localizing your social media presence, you show deep respect and care for your potential and existing customers. People will more likely sympathize with your business and everything it has to offer if they read your posts in their language, see familiar names and places and can communicate with you as if they communicate with a friend. They will share such a friend with their friends more willingly and grow your market presence in no time.

So, whenever you’re applying a Facebook localization strategy or letting your customers know on other platforms where the nearest place to find you are, you’re not just adapting your marketing campaign to another country’s audience, you’re showing deep respect and building trust. Not only your customers will see your offer or the brand familiar and relatable, but also special for them as if it was developed considering their needs. That in turn is the right way for boosting sales and growing recognition in the international arena.

Point #4

You get more attention in other places on the web. Whenever you make your customers feel special on social networks, you do increase your online presence in general. It is nearly inevitable that whenever you efficiently post for a certain target audience, you will be searched. So, in case, if you have a localized website, the situation becomes twice as beneficial for you. By driving additional traffic to your website, you increase chances that people googling what you have to offer, will find you and not your competitors first.

Tips for Efficient Social Media Localization

While making your social media campaign seems like something very cool and absolutely needed, it also requires some effort as localization is a rather complex process. Localizing your social media campaign is not only about referring to your target city’s closest venues or creating an Instagram multi-language post. Localization means putting all those elements and more together in the right place, at the right time. Here are a few tips that will help you.

  • Adjust to different regions. While it is obvious that translating is never enough, localizing for one single language group might seem like a good idea. Well, it is not entirely. There are at least ten variations of Spanish throughout the globe and twenty times as many Chinese dialects. So, whenever going international on social media, adjust your posts to several dialects in order for people, say from both Spain and Mexico, to understand and relate to you. And do not worry, there are a number of professional marketing translation services to help you just with that.

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  • Create specific content. Do not just adjust your ads or social media posts to your target region, generate content that would not be available anywhere else. By doing so, you will be able to adjust your campaign as precisely as possible as well as to attract your potential customers with unique promotion elements.
  • Use certified localization services. While social media appears to be an informal playground, things have to be kept professional. In order to make sure that you sound as natural as possible on the social network and know exactly what to offer your audience, hire a local specialist who has experience with localization. The next thing you know, your Facebook or Twitter localization strategy works just as you have imagined.
  • Involve a focus group. Having a local specialist to help you with implementing your strategy is good enough. Yet, in order to make sure your strategy works just fine, it is also a good idea to get some feedback from potential local clients. That does not seem like a hard job on social networks.

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Closing Thoughts

So, localization is obviously a strategy that has a lot of potential. Yet, localizing a social media campaign nearly doubles that potential in most cases. Not only you have an increased online presence in your target country, but you also become friends with your customers, letting them see what you’re offering in the nearest place they can go, the social network.


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