Translate Your ICO for Broader Impact

Cryptocurrencies. They are big right now. And they promise to change the entire landscape of financial transactions in the future. Entrepreneurs who are launching startups are now establishing cryptocurrencies and looking for investors in those cryptos to fund their businesses.

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While traditional businesses develop a business plan to attract investors, cryptocurrency startups develop white papers for their ICO’s (initial coin offerings). These white papers provide potential investors with all of the information they may need to make an investment decision, and they function much like business plans.

The International Nature of Crypto

If cryptocurrency founders expect to achieve their funding goals, they will have to go beyond their borders for investors. To do that, there will be a need for ICO cryptocurrency translation, specifically the white papers that introduce them to potential investors on a global scale.

The ICO White Paper

A white paper ICO translation will require some specific technical skill on the part of the translator, especially expertise in business and business terminology. For a white paper must include several elements:

  1. The foundation of the business and its potential for profit

  2. A full description of the crypto token

  3. An explanation of the blockchain technology that will support the infrastructure, so that transparency and trust are provided.

  4. Profiles of both the management and the technical teams. These will include the backgrounds and experience of the officers and directors, as well as the technical expertise of the blockchain developers.

  5. Growth projections should be predicted realistically

  6. Risk factors must also be forthrightly outlined.

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Additional Requirements to Translate ICO White Papers

When startup founders look for a translator to move into foreign investment markets, they have to look for some additional expertise. While an ICO launch is essentially a business, it is built upon a unique model and a technology.

It is best to locate a translator who has experience in translation of ICO white papers. Why? Because ICO language itself is unique. And the explanation of the technology of blockchain will require highly technical and detailed accuracy.

Decisions of Scope

Obviously, there are choices of investment markets, and ICO founders will have to conduct a lot of research to determine which of those markets are best suited for their business models, their product or service, and the details of the token itself.

Once the research is conducted, founders can make decisions about target languages for translation. At that point, it will be time to look for the most professional translators possible – either individual freelancers or translation agencies.

And translation of ICO white papers may indeed involve more than one translator. There is the business aspect of the company, and then there is the technological aspects of the paper. Finding the right people who have expertise in both the source and target languages can be challenging at best.

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Don’t Scrimp

Translations of ICO white papers must be done well. Using low-cost translators in order to save money will be money wasted. Instead, look for the very best pay the higher price, and ensure that you have a document that is perfectly translated.